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2018 Cannabis Gift Guide: Tech & Gadget

Innovative products and accessories are always popping up in the cannabis industry, making it an exciting time to be a marijuana consumer! Check out some of our favorite tech gear and gadgets and pick out your favorite for a friend or loved one in your life!


Arizer has been at the pinnacle of innovation for years now, offering a wide range of vaporization products that are easy to use and highly functional. From desktop vapes to portable vapes, there’s an Arizer product out there for everyone. Even more, they make the perfect gifts! If you know anyone looking to add some style and function to their vaping game, check out Arizer’s website and pick out an awesome product!


Boveda packs are the perfect quick gift for anyone who wants to keep their buds fresher for longer. Boveda provides effective 2-way humidity control to perfectly preserve your cannabis stash. All you need to do is place your Boveda pack into your jar, seal it and sit back as your flower is restored to its original glory. Boveda humidity packs are made from the finest materials, ensuring the cleanest, most purified humidity of any product on the market. Pick up a few packs this holiday season for that special stoner in your life!


Know someone who wants to stay current on all the cool cannabis gadgets hitting the market? A Hemper subscription is the perfect gift! Hemper prides itself on exposing consumers to new and innovative smoking products, making it extremely appealing to the cutting edge cannabis enthusiast. If you know someone who wants to stay on the cutting edge, The Hemper Box is an excellent choice.

Hemper also has an excellent option for cleaning and maintaining your glass pieces and smoking devices. Known as HemperTech, this gear is focused on cleanliness and sanitation of your sesh. Hemper even offers a convenient bundle called the HemperTech Cleaning Bundle, equipped with everything you need to keep your glass pieces looking crystal clean. HemperTech is perfect for that friend or loved one who just can’t seem to keep their pieces clean. Do them a solid by giving them the gift of a sanitary sesh!

Tōchi Torch

Tōchi Torch is one of the most intriguing products to hit the cannabis concentrate market in recent years. You see, it’s actually not a torch in the way you might think. The Tōchi Torch is an all-electric torch that heats up your nail or banger with forced air, resulting in an extremely precise dabbing experience and no lengthy cool down times. All you need to do is find your desired temperature and heat time and set your banger close to the torch’s air stream. When your nail or banger reaches optimal temperature, simply pull your rig from the heat source and you’re ready to dab!

The Tōchi Torch isn’t just an awesome accessory to your dabbing experience, it is also a great way to cut down on your carbon footprint by eliminating the need for butane. For anyone who’s in your life that’s a constant dabber, seriously consider giving the gift of Tōchi Torch. It’ll save you money in the long run and keep your concentrate game on another level!


The Volcano by Storz and Bickel has been one of the most popular desktop flower vaporizers for years, and that’s a true attest to its effective, purpose-driven technology. While new vaporizers continually hit the market, the Volcano remains a leader in the space and continues to be best-seller among all types of cannabis consumers. The Volcano provides a smooth, flavorful vaping experience and has the durability to last for thousands of smoke seshes. Now’s the perfect time to pick up a Volcano for a friend or loved one!

Puffco Peak

While it may draw criticism from some, it’s undeniable that the Puffco Peak is an innovative product that reimagined the world of portable concentrate consumption. The Peak is a first-of-its-kind smart rig and allows consumers to conveniently consume concentrates with precision temperature and control. Puffco has been popular among cannabis consumers for years now for their vaporizer pens, and that same excitement and popularity came with the release of the peak. See what all the hype is about and gift one to a friend for a technology boost to your next session.

Loto Legend

The Loto Legend by Loto Labs is an awesome gift for any type of cannabis consumer, especially those who are fans of concentrates. Built using patented induction technology, the Loto Legend features an electromagnetic heating mechanism that ensures even heat distribution throughout the entire surface area.

The Loto Legend was specifically engineered to be the world’s most effortless and enjoyable dabbing experience. All of the problems associated with traditional dabbing have been solved, with science! Enjoy fast heating times (as quick as 6 seconds) as well as super quick cooling. Additionally, the Legend is incredibly easy to use, eliminating the need for guesswork and a meticulous process. Simply press, turn and dab. It's that easy! On top of all these awesome features, the Legend is also extremely safe. There's no need for a torch when using the Legend and there's no exposed heating elements. Translation, no risk for burns or personal injury. Pick up a Loto Legend today to experience the latest innovation in dabbing!

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Dr. Dabber Switch

Touting itself as the next generation of vaporization, the Dr. Dabber Switch is a great piece of technology for concentrate enthusiasts of all levels. Not only is the Switch easy to use but it also offers an unparalleled dabbing experience with precise temperature control and flavorful hits. Dr. Dabber is well-known for their innovation in the vaporizer space and they’ve done it again with the Switch. Purchase one today to see for yourself why dabbers all across the nation are choosing the Switch.

Grasshopper Vape

Grasshopper Vapes allows for extreme discretion and looks like nothing more than a fancy ballpoint pen. These vapes are a true product of vaporizer innovation and technology and provide a powerful cannabis experience in a small package. With a background in aerospace engineering, the creators of Grasshopper Vapes set out to make one of the best portable flower vapes on the market – and they succeeded. Grasshopper Vapes utilizes cutting edge technology and ensure you’re getting the most out of your flower. They also make perfect stocking stuffers and gifts!

tCheck 2 Potency Tester

Have you ever tried a homemade edible only to find out it was way too strong for you? Many people have trouble accurately determining the dosing for their homemade edibles, resulting in uncomfortable highs and, well, a not-so-great experience. Never fear though, the tCheck 2 Potency Tester is here! With the tCheck’s innovative technology, consumers can now accurately measure the potency of their infusions within minutes. With an added expansion pack, consumers can also test the potency of their flower and concentrates with tCheck 2 as well. If you know someone who likes to make their own edibles at home, consider gifting a tCheck 2. They’ll be delighted and you’ll never have to try an edible with mystery potency levels from them again!


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