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2018 Cannabis Gift Guide for Beginners

It’s no secret, cannabis legalization is sweeping the globe and bringing with it plenty of new consumers. Check out these awesome gifts for the newbie cannabis enthusiast in your life!


A Hemper subscription is one of the best gifts you can give a new consumer. Not only do they send recurring bundles of awesome products and accessories but they also expose people to new and innovative smoking products. If you know someone new to the cannabis scene looking to try a wide variety of products, The Hemper Box is an excellent choice.

After you get your new cannabis smoking devices, Hemper also has an excellent option for cleaning and maintaining your glass pieces. The HemperTech Cleaning Bundle has everything you need to keep your glass pieces looking crystal clean. HemperTech is perfect for that friend or loved one who just can’t seem to keep their pieces clean. Do them a solid by giving them the gift of a sanitary sesh!


Have a friend or loved one that likes to celebrate the “greener” things in life? Dankorations are the perfect gift! Made from artificial foliage (no, you can’t smoke them), Dankorations provide cannabis-inspired party decorations that add some 420 flair to any type of celebration. From garlands and wreaths all the way to perfectly arranged centerpieces, Dankorations has a great selection of marijuana friendly products.

Dankorations make awesome gifts, but they also are a great way to spice up an adult holiday party! If you plan on indulging in some cannabis this holiday season, Dankorations are a great way to take your festivities to the next level!

7pipe Twisty Glass Blunt

Introducing the Twisty™ Glass Mini. With all the same ground breaking innovations and product features as the famous Twisty™ Glass original, the Mini is designed for people who enjoy a smaller toke. Whether you only need the occasional hit, or you just enjoy long slow pulls that don’t overwhelm you, the 50% smaller cherry on the Twisty™ Glass Mini. Simply pack, twist, and medicate. Learn more how to use by clicking here The five chambers hold up to .5 grams, giving you fresh hits all day long. This is the gentle hit you’ve been waiting for.

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The Martian™ Original Rollie Bubbler

After a viral marketing campaign, these handy little accessories have taken off in popularity – and for good reason, too. The Martian™ Original Rollie Bubbler by MJ Arsenal is a great smoking device for the beginner consumer looking to experience smoother hits from their joints or blunts. Plus, it allows a consumer to own a piece of glass and experience the benefits of percolation without spending tons of money on a larger glass piece. At only $9.99, Rollie Bubblers make excellent stocking stuffers or quick and easy gifts for friends or loved ones interested in cannabis.

King Palm Natural Leaf Rolls

Rolling your own cannabis can be an arduous task for beginner consumers. For anyone who wants to consume blunts before they learn how to roll, consider trying some King Palm natural leaves. King Palms come individually hand-rolled, meaning all you need to do is pack some of your favorite strain in the opening, light up and enjoy! Even better? King Palms are all-natural and free from any chemicals or preservatives. Beginner or not, King Palms provide one of the smoothest smoking experiences out there so pick one up for your favorite stoner this holiday season!


As mentioned above, learning how to roll a joint can be difficult for individuals new to the cannabis scene. That’s where Otto comes in. Made by Banana Bros, Otto is a first-of-its-kind automatic cone filling machine that quickly and easily grinds flower and fills empty pre-rolled cones at the touch of a button. The Otto works well with all kinds and consistencies of flower and ensures a smooth, consistent burn every time. This is a great product for any cannabis consumer, so grab one for the joint smoker in your life!


Dab tools are crucial when you’re starting your concentrate career, and Skilletools carries everything a new dabber needs to get started. With literally hundreds of options to choose, there’s a Skilletools product that will suit your specific needs. Plus, they come in a variety of different finished and sizes, ensuring your dabbing experience goes smoothly every time. Browse their expansive product selection and pick up a few tools this holiday season!

Santa Cruz Shredder

Breaking down your bud by hand is time consuming and results in your fingers being covered in sticky trichomes that you should be smoking. Every cannabis consumer should be grinding their bud and it’s the perfect gift to give to a beginner consumer. Santa Cruz Shredder is well-known as one of the top grinders on the market and even offer a lifetime guarantee on the teeth of their products. Give the gift of fine grinds and easier consumption this holiday season with a Santa Cruz Shredder!


Discreet consumption is usually a big factor for new cannabis consumers and Smokebuddy is the perfect product to help! If you know someone who’s worried about smelling like weed every time they light up, then give the gift of a Smokebuddy this year and watch their paranoia disappear! Smokebuddy is a personal air filter that acts as a “sploof” to help eliminate odor caused by cannabis smoke. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs and are also easy on the wallet.

Toker Poker

The Toker Poker is the perfect accessory to an item almost every cannabis consumer carries around – a lighter! Toker Poker is an all-inclusive smoking tool that fits like a sleeve around your lighter. On the outside of the sleeve, the Toker Poker features a stainless steel poker for clearing out bows, a stainless steel tamper for packing things down and it also holds 5 feet of Hemp Wick. The Toker Poker is definitely a must have item for any cannabis consumer and makes an excellent gift for a beginner, too!

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