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2018 Cannabis Gift Guide: For On-The-Go

Despite popular belief thanks to inaccurate media depictions, many cannabis consumers enjoy an active lifestyle full of travel and excitement. And while it’s always fun to travel, traveling with your cannabis can be a bit of a hassle without the right gear. Check out these products that are perfect for streamlining your cannabis consumption from home to on-the-go without missing a beat.

Terp Chiller®

If you’re into hash, then you know temperature control is a must to maintain the chemical stability of your concentrates. This has been a major issue for anyone traveling with concentrates – until now. The Terp Chiller® is the easiest way to properly store your concentrates on-the-go. Whether you’re bringing some top-shelf extracts over to a sesh or taking some 6 star solventless home from the dispensary, the Terp Chiller® will ensure your hash stays in perfect condition during transport. Pick one up this holiday season for the concentrate connoisseur in your life.


For anyone looking for a portable, convenient flower vaporization option, look no further than Arizer. With a wide range of options and a versatile product line, there’s sure to be a product that fits your individual needs. Arizer makes vaping easy with their portable flower vapes that are extremely sleek and discreet as well. Any one of Arizer’s portable vapes would make a fine addition to any cannabis consumer’s collection. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase an Arizer product today for that special someone!

Pelican Case

A cannabis consumer’s glass collection can comprise of some of the most valuable items they own – not to mention the sentimental value a piece brings. That’s why safety is imperative for on-the-go consumers looking to travel with a glass piece. Pelican Cases have taken the cannabis industry by storm as a reliable way to transport glass. Whether you have a $10 piece or a $10,000 piece, you can rest easy knowing it’ll stay safe in a Pelican Case. Don’t believe us? Check out the durability tests conducted by The Pelican Project then go buy one for the perfect holiday gift!


So, you’ve just purchased a Pelican Case for your new dab rig – pretty awesome! If you’re unfamiliar with Pelican Cases, they feature a foam insert that acts as padding and protection for your piece. While the foam keeps your piece nice and safe, it can sometimes get a bit gross with resin and reclaim left on dab rigs, carb caps, etc. That’s where Peli-Saver comes in. Peli-Saver offers customizable, cleanable 3-D printed caps for male ground joints as well as carb cap holders, downstem holders and more!

Pot Pockets

Pot Pockets are the perfect gift for on-the-go cannabis consumers as they effectively protect your joints or blunts during traveling. Pot Pockets are made by the Johnny Road King Company out of Wrentham, MA and are hand-crafted with love, ensuring safe and consistent protection you can rely on. With Pot Pockets, you can say goodbye to bent or crumpled up joints and blunts and hello to perfectly preserved rolls each and every time.

Skunkguard Element Smellproof Backpack

The Element Smellproof Backpack by Skunkguard is the perfect combination of discretion and portability. Featuring a 100% smell-proof design with maximum potency carbon filter, you can travel with even the dankest strains and not worry about your smell reaching the noses of pesky bystanders. Seriously, these are some pretty great backpacks and they’re also pretty stylish and unsuspecting to the untrained eye. Grab one for a friend who always seems to smell like weed!


Masking the smell of cannabis is no easy task. And while many cannabis consumers believe they effectively hide their aroma, more often than not a non-consumer can catch a whiff. Cannabolish solves the problem of lingering marijuana smells and instantly removes cannabis odors with natural ingredients. Choose from either sprays or candles and get rid of your marijuana aroma once and for all! Pro tip: It’s always smart to keep some Cannabolish around in case of an emergency where you quickly need to rid an area of cannabis odor.

Dunkees Rolling Tray

Rolling joints and blunts on-the-go can get a little dicey if you don’t have a clean workstation and a hard surface (trust us, we’ve spilt plenty of bud trying to roll without these elements). That’s why rolling trays are so handy. Rolling trays provide a solid platform for rolling, allowing consumers to effectively roll up while on the move. The only issue with most rolling trays is their lack of design and aesthetics. Dunkees saw the need for more interesting rolling tray designs and has emerged as a leader in artistic cannabis accessories. With a wide variety of artwork to choose from, Dunkees rolling trays are sure to wow anyone lucky enough to be gifted one.

Blazer Torch Nozzle Guard

If you’ve ever taken dabs on-the-go, you might have experienced the frustration of coming into contact with an extremely heated Blazer torch nozzle. Additionally, you may have also experience the time-consuming nature of cool downs (both for your nail/banger and your torch) after a session. Eliminate these issues with a set of Blazer Nozzle Guards to keep your torch hazard-free and more convenient to use. At only $9.99 a pack, these are the perfect gifts for anyone you know with a Blazer Big Shot torch!

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