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Sunday October 15, 2017

By Morgan Smith

420 Culture

You’d be hard-pressed to find an industry that cannabis hasn’t touched. So it’s no surprise that canna-couples and canna-preneurs are merging weddings and weed to craft unique cannabis-themed ceremonies.

That’s right. Canna-weddings are all the rage. And honestly, we think it’s a better recreational substance over alcohol—especially at something as important at a wedding. We’ve all heard—or experienced—the horror stories of drunken uncles and killer hangovers.

With cannabis, you’re much more likely to avoid any terrible aftermath.

Obviously, canna-weddings are restricted to the few states where recreational use is legal. And couples have to find not only the perfect place, but the perfect place that is a cannabis-friendly venue. But there are an ever-growing amount of companies focused on helping happy couples create cannabis-themed weddings.

Cannabis Weddings are Gaining in Popularity

In a TIME article, Bec Koop, co-founder of the Cannabis Wedding Expo and operator of Irie Wedding & Events, said that more than 30% of venues will accommodate marijuana and expects to finish the year with nearly two dozen weddings under her belt.

A tastefully organized cannabis bar from Irie Wedding & Events.
A tastefully organized cannabis bar from Irie Wedding & Events. Shanna M. Photography

Brides have custom hemp wedding dresses made from High Vibe Bride and cannabis floral arrangements—otherwise known as a “budquet”—from Repurposed Petals. Limo services will let the entire bridal party light up on the way from the ceremony to the reception.

If you want your cocktail hour to include a few cannabis-infused mocktails, check out Top Shelf Budtending.

Want to kick things off early? A few brides and grooms are having cannabis-themed bachelorette and bachelor parties. Kush Kards offers custom designed invitations where you can attach a pre-roll to the card with an included match strike so the invitee can enjoy it the moment they receive it. (Since you can’t legally mail these invites, you’ll have to keep these reserved for locals only or for the bridal party as a post-wedding thank you!)

Current Cannabis Wedding Trends

In addition to providing plenty of water and snacks available, as well as transportation options after the reception (safety first!), here are a few other trends sweeping the industry:

Cannabis-Paired Meals:

For those looking to go all in, cannabis strains can be paired with each dinner course. Blackbelly Catering specializes in designing a cannabis-inspired or paired menu. If you want to keep it small, consider a cannabis pairing rehearsal dinner instead.

Weed-Friendly Wedding Favors:

Engraved pipes, custom-labeled edibles and weed lollipops are all viable options to send home with guests. Mary Jane Gift Boxes creates specialized gifts for just these occasions too.

Cannabis Bars:

Canna-couples are offering their wedding guests a variety of weed and pipes on the big day. Whether it’s right next to the dance floor or set up in a more discrete location, consider getting your own budtender to distribute cannabis products and educate the clients—just like any other cannabis-buying experience—and to ensure guests are safely consuming the products.

Ditch the expensive alcohol bar and hangover, try cannabis instead.
Ditch the expensive alcohol bar and hangover, try cannabis instead. photo credit

But what’s the difference between a canna-bar and an alcohol bar? It depends on what kind of experience you want your guests to have. It can be an added amenity for guests to enjoy or you can keep it strictly cannabis to avoid any cross-over.

In terms of price, an unmanned cannabis bar can cost less than $300 where a stocked bar and bartender can cost upwards of $650. Adding a budtender to your canna-bar will significantly increase the price, but it may be worth it to provide a more all-inclusive experience for your guests.


The sky is the limit when it comes to incorporating cannabis into a wedding. At the Cannabis Wedding Expo, couples learn how to creatively, safely and elegantly incorporate cannabis into the celebration. Love and Marij connects couples with canna-friendly wedding vendors. Why not start wedded bliss with weed?!

What do you think about cannabis weddings? Would you have cannabis at your wedding?

Photo Credit: Shanna M. Photography


Morgan Smith Morgan Smith

A born and raised Hoosier and Indiana University alumna, Morgan Smith is a freelance writer and editor based in the Denver area. Morgan has worked with B2B, nonprofit and regional publications, but especially enjoys learning and educating others about the inner-workings of the cannabis industry. Her freelance writing supported her recent six-month solo backpacking trip to South America where she climbed volcanoes, played with llamas and jumped off a bridge.

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