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Friday March 4, 2022

By Shirley Ju

Infused cannabis dining, example of a fork with a marijuana leaf on it 420 Culture

Cannabis is much more than just a flower that can be smoked. It can be used medicinally and recreationally in numerous ways. While it’s easy to pick up a joint or pack a bowl in your bong, some of us prefer easier ways of ingestion, such as edibles and THC-infused meals. While edibles have been around forever it seems like, more than ever, the cannabis industry is embracing and welcoming the idea of cooking with THC — which serves as a whole art form in itself.

Introducing Harborside dispensary, who hosted their own intimate cannabis-infused dinner, in celebration of the world’s universal love day (aka Valentine’s Day). Whether you’re single or you’re in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is a special holiday for individuals to love and spread love to their peers any chance they can. Of course, what better way to love than to get as high as possible at dinner?!

Exploring the Gourmet Cannabis-Infused Dinner Experience

While many may have gone the traditional route and gone out to dinner, on Valentine’s Day, Harborside reeled in an exclusive group of people to partake in this meal, featuring The Nomad Chef himself, Travis Peterson. The meal took place in the Desert Hot Springs, hours from Los Angeles. The evening was marked by a 4-course meal with brand and infusion education alongside each plate. Every dish featured a certain brand that aligned with the overall purpose of using cannabis to improve our everyday life. 

Nomad Chef preparing a gourmet meal
The Nomad Chef, Travis Peterson, preparing dinner.

As attendees sat outdoors in a private residence and it was hard to miss the impeccable detail within the drink and food menu.

Four Course Meal Overview:

Drinks: Hibiscus Superiore: bubbles with a Hibiscus Flower or Mango Hibiscus, & Mango Syrup. 

First Course: Ricotta Gnocchi, Caviar, ATF Smoked Brown Butter 

Second Course: Wagyu Gunkan: Ribeye Tartare, Kimchee, Nori, Sushi Rice, Quail Yolk Infused Sesame Aioli

Third Course: Miso Glazed Sablefish: Black Cod, Wasabi Foam, Pickled Ginger, Infused Wakame

Fourth Course: Coffee & Cones: Binske Espresso Sugar Cone, Campfire Marshmallow Mousse, Toasted Graham Cracker Ice Cream

In a quote from Harborside, they state, "We are thrilled to bring an elevated culinary experience to our cannabis community. These infused dinners bring people together to share a meal, some laughter, and of course, educate people about the many ways to use and consume cannabis responsibly.

Nomad Chef preparing a gourmet meal
An elevated dinner with infused cuisine.

Chef Travis guides guests through each thoughtfully designed course, giving folks an up-close and personal experience with our brand partners and some of our favorite products. From terpene education, infusion methods, and more, learning about cannabis has never been more fun or delicious."

Final Thoughts

As cannabis continues to be accepted and legalized in states across the country, we can only hope consumers can enjoy meals like this in their lifetime. Harborside dispensary serves as one of the longest-standing, most respected cannabis retailers to date, with their main goal – making cannabis safe and accessible to the broad and diverse community of consumers in California

Have you ever enjoyed a cannabis infused dinner? Comment down below!

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