Since February 2015's emergency regulations outlawing public marijuana consumption, cannabis clubs were not legally allowed to operate in Alaska. AS 17.38.040 was rather general, solely stating that “in public” consumption was not allowed and therefore illegal. However, thanks to new regulations signed into law by Alaska Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer allowing on-site cannabis consumption, licensed retail dispensaries will now be able to apply for on-site consumption endorsements from the state beginning April 11, 2019.

Under the new regulations, once a dispensary's on-site consumption endorsement is approved, adults of age will legally be allowed to purchase cannabis products and consume them on-site in a specially-zoned area. According to the new rules, the consumption area must be completely separated from the retail sales floor by either walls, doors or on a patio outdoors. It is still unclear when the first cannabis consumption lounges will be open to the public, however, most industry experts expect them to start opening sometime around late 2019 to early 2020. Check back for more updates!

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