PotGuide was founded on the belief that cannabis consumers deserve access to the best cannabis information available in order to have safe, positive experiences with this remarkable plant.

However, we must admit we’re a bit selfish: we care about the cannabis community and consumer because we are the cannabis community and consumer. 

From growing, trimming, budtending, and managing dispensaries to digital media, marketing, branding and content creation, the PotGuide team has first-hand expertise in every aspect of the cannabis market from seed to sale and beyond. We are from the industry, for the industry.

Headquartered in Denver, CO and founded in 2013, we have experienced the legalization wave right from the source. We’ve built PotGuide as a resource for keeping the cannabis revolution going, advocating for education, safe consumption, and the de-stigmatization of pot.

Let us be your guide, and explore the world of cannabis together.