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Thursday October 2, 2014

By CO Pot Guy


Nobody likes to overpay, especially for green goodies. Here are some tips for saving money on marijuana purchases during your visit to Colorado.

Look for coupons and freebies

Denver and many cities in Colorado have various free alternative weekly/monthly magazines.  These magazines have a lot of advertising by various marijuana businesses targeting you, the pot head. 

Westword, Rooster, Culture and The Hemp Connoisseur are some of the big ones.  You can usually find them at cafes, head shops, marijuana stores or street boxes.  We certainly recommend you take the time to grab a few of these, you can definitely find some great deals on flowers, edibles, vape pens, pretty much anything cannabis related. 

Try to buy in bulk

Most stores give a better price per gram when you buy in quantity.  This is harder for non-residents, as you are restricted to buying no more than 7 grams at a time, but nonetheless you are better off buying a quarter instead of grams or 1/8ths.  Some stores will let you split up your purchase into different strains.  For example, instead of buying two 1/8ths, some places will let you pay the ΒΌ oz price and select 2 different strains.  This policy varies from store to store, so you may want to call ahead to find out their policy.

Do you really need the top shelf?

Some marijuana stores have a tiered pricing policy depending upon the quality of the herb.   Usually they have mid, top-shelf and connoisseur grades.  The connoisseur grade marijuana can cost twice as much or more than the mid-grade.  Sometimes it makes sense to get a less potent strain for a bit less money depending upon your tolerance and tastes.  If you are on a budget, ask the budtender if they have any deals on strains, sometimes there are a least a couple for you to choose from, especially after a large harvest when they are trying to reduce inventory.  You can always buy a gram or 2 of the connoisseur grades to indulge with on special occasions.

Happy Ganja Hunting!

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