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Wednesday August 20, 2014

By CO Pot Guy


Click here to see a directory of all the medical and recreational stores in the Vail Valley

Vail and the surrounding cities of Eagle, Eagle-Vail, Edwards and Avon had no recreational marijuana options until this past May, when Sweet Leaf Pioneer opened in Eagle.  Before Sweet Leaf Pioneer opened, the closest options were either a 45 minute drive east to Frisco, or a 90 minute drive west to visit Carbondale's lone store. 

Vail and Avon both have moratoriums on recreational marijuana stores.  Vail voters approved Amendment 64 in 2012 by a large margin, but the Vail City Council just extended their moratorium for another year until July 31st, 2015.  Avon Town Council appears to be trying to ban recreational stores completely.   

An interesting fact about cities and counties in Colorado is that they have their own marijuana laws, so a county may ban recreational stores, but a city located within that county may allow them. Vice versa, a city may ban recreational stores, but the county may allow them.

This is what is occurring in the Vail area.  Eagle County approved recreational stores, so all the stores you will find are outside of city and town limits and located in unincorporated Eagle County.

You can stay up to date on the latest openings using our 'Where to Buy' recreational marijuana store directory, which we update as soon as a new stores open.  

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