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Tuesday November 17, 2015

By Staff

420 Culture

Marijuana subscription services sound too good to be true, but they exist! Read more to find out some of your options.From the geeky Lootcrate to the glamorous Birchbox, subscription services have become an incredibly popular way to experience a variety of niche products. Not only do subscription services offer discounted deals on special goods, but they also foster a sense of community among those receiving them. It was only a matter of time before marijuana distributors found a way to take advantage of this convenient new trend.

Pot Box

The leading subscription service, Pot Box operates throughout Los Angeles and San Francisco. Pot Box delivers a half ounce of premium weed (in addition to pre-rolled joints) for the cost of $150 a month. Seem a bit high? Well, it is LA and SF after all -- but it's also down to the quality. The weed found in Pot Box is supposed to be second to nothing else on the West Coast. The half ounce is split into two quarters of different types of sativas, indicas, and hybrids, and information is given for each strain -- including the tested THC and CBD content. It's a luxury weed experience.

The Guild CA

The Guild delivers a variety of marijuana-related products, which can include vape cartridges, edibles, and other THC-infused substances. So, get the Pot Box for pot -- get The Guild for an assortment. The Guild has a tiered pricing structure that ranges from $120 to $140. The fun thing is that you'll be getting a new assortment each time. The Guild CA even offers CBD and THC capsules. The Guild operates outside of San Francisco -- so, if you aren't in California, you're out of


Nancy is a little different from other services because it's designed to send products that contain CBD rather than THC. Those who are looking for the medical advantages of CBD may find this interesting -- especially because Nancy has a broader mailing radius than most other services, as the laws restricting CBD are vague at best. That being said, Nancy does intend to deliver THC products in areas that it is legally allowed. Note the "intend" -- Nancy is still procuring funding on Indiegogo.

Ganja Boxes

Ganja Boxes is a premium subscription club for cannabis and tobacco connoisseurs. Members will be able to select the frequency of box delivery and value tier of products. Each box will contain 5-9 specialized product paraphernalia. Stay tuned as this subscription service is expected to launch by December 1st.

420 Goody Box

420 Goody Box is another up and coming service that provides monthly themed boxes full of 5-8 stoner-related tools and treats like vaporizers, rolling papers, beef jerkey, candy, magazine and more. At around $20 a month (plus S&H), you can sign up for a 1, 3, or 6 month plan. As their boxes tend to be geared toward the younger toker, they do offer "MEGA Goody Box" which is a higher-tiered version of their original.

Subscription services can only be delivered in certain states and generally cannot cross state lines because of federal laws. In other words, a subscription service in Colorado is going to have to ship to Colorado. Most services go one further by only delivering within a single city. Still, if you are in an area that has this type of service, it's more than worth a try!

Photo Credit: Pot Box


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