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Career Highlights/Overview

Tanya Miller supports the PotGuide Content Department with her vast experience in the cannabis industry that kicked off in 2014. Her years of cultivation and post-cultivation has prepared her with knowledge about many growing, harvesting, and curing techniques. Being an artist has led her to combine the creative mindset with cannabis marketing. “Cannabis can really bring the best out of people and kindness seems to radiate everything it touches”. She hopes that over time her statement will ring true with the masses, as she works alongside PotGuide to break down the continued stigma around marijuana and uplift its best attributes. She has a deep appreciation for this incredible plant as it is her go-to inspiration to spark her motivation to paint. 


Cannabis has been an integral part of Tanya’s life for over a decade. Like most, she started smoking recreationally, but found that this herb was so beneficial to different aspects of her life. It soothed her anxiety, deepened her artistic expression, and enhanced workout routines. For two summers (2014 and 2015), Tanya studied the medical purposes of many natural remedies in Tum Tum, Washington on a self-sustainable, permaculture farm. They would forage wild plants or food in their garden for tinctures, topicals, etc. She fell in love with holistic medicine and was amazed at all the benefits that cannabis provided when she started researching more. 

In 2014, she started her first legal position within the industry as a trimmer, at Hummingbird Cannabis Co., and worked her way up! Tanya grew within her company to manage the Harvest Department, then the Cure Department, and finally oversaw the Post-Cultivation operation. Outside of work, she studied and practiced different grow techniques including her favorite, no-till gardening which was similar to her permaculture methods. 

Tanya started working as the Marketing Manager at The Farm (Boulder, Colorado) to blend her pre/post-cultivation experience and her creative background, in 2020. Tanya thrived in this unique career by connecting with brands, designing packaging, event planning, as well as promoting with both digital and print advertisements. She ran social media accounts for dispensaries, cultivation facilities, brands and head shops. What Tanya really loves about cannabis culture is that so many companies collaborate together to support their community or non-profit organizations to benefit people in need.

She was intrigued with growing her knowledge with cannabis technology and education which landed her position as Content Coordinator at PotGuide! 


Tanya attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia from 2009 to 2011 and finished her BFA in Painting at Rocky Mountain College of Art in Design in Denver, Colorado.

Fun Facts

Tanya delves into creative projects like painting and botanical drawings in her spare time. She launched her own Freelance Graphic Design business in 2014, called Toofunked, that primarily focuses on cannabis brand packaging or micro brewery labeling. You can find her snowboarding mountains slopes in the winter and rafting, camping, or hiking when the seasons warm up.