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This hash was a thinly-pressed layer of blond-amber that had very little plant matter in the extraction.  The surface was very smooth and even, and the texture wasn’t super-dry and crumbly, but rather pleasantly soft — you can break it into pieces easily and it doesn’t start crumbling into kief.  Up-close, it seemed as if the trichomes that made up the hash had a good amount of amber heads.  This was a very well-done dry-sieve hash, and the appearance made us excited to try it.


As it was a dry-sieve hash, this sample did not have a ton of aroma, but it had a lightly lemony quality on top of the more standard piney hash background.  Taste-wise, it was flowery and lightly citrusy on the inhale, leaving a soft aftertaste lingering on the palate.  Neither the smell nor flavor were all that pungent, but both were pleasant and better than expected.  We found that the Eclipse Water Vape was generally the best for getting the flavor out of this particular sample.


While we’ve mostly been getting high-grade water, CO2, and butane-based hash extractions lately, it was a great reminder to sample such a well-done piece of dry-sieve hash.  Though the smell and flavor components of well-done bubble hash are mostly missing or faint here, what was there is very pleasant in its own way, and the simple, no-fuss smoking experience adds to its appeal.  For patients who are scared off by all the different extractions, this hash was a throwback to the quality Lebanese blond hash that was prevalent at one point in the US.  Its combination of effects were thoroughly enjoyed by our staff, while its duration puts it among the top level of its class.

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