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A bit fuzzy with different shades of light green flower.  Scattered hairs are very orange, and the nuggets are very yellow, and some light-purple, when revealing the internodes.


Has complex smells of flowers, ginger, little hash and skunk.


A bit of a grapefruit taste type of taste with a dash of pepper.  Leaves a citric and earth after-taste.


It kicked in very quickly with a mind tingling head effect that kept me somewhat functional, but has a zoning-out effect as the duration progresses.


Its features are not the flashiest, but really does appeal to the general public.  The Northern Ice is definitely a beautiful – light colored strain, and has beautiful floral smells coming from them  A great medical strain due to its potency, but didn’t last quite long enough.  It makes my eyes feel slightly heavy, but didn’t give me cotton-mouth as bad as some of the other strains.
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