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The popularity of cannabis concentrates continues to grow, as evidenced by rising sales numbers and increasing competition for market share with marijuana flower. This surge in concentrate popularity over time has established a thriving dabbing culture with a proven consumer base that craves innovation.

Over the last few years, there have been countless innovations to the way we consume concentrates. From rigs and e-nails all the way to carb caps and bangers, the technology surrounding cannabis extracts is always on the cutting edge. However, one category in the dabbing space has remained pretty unaltered over the years – the dab tool.

Dab tools, also known as dabbers, are an essential component of the concentrate consumption process. Dabbers allow consumers to collect their desired amount of concentrate and prepare it for contact with a heated nail or banger. Most dabbers on the market are made of metal (typically steel or titanium) and feature some sort of tipped edge for collecting concentrates. However, not every dabber is capable of reaching every crevasse and curve in a marijuana concentrate container.

If you’re like us and have been wanting a dab tool that does it all, then you came to the right place. When we first heard of the Keefer Luxury Dabber Tool, we knew we had to try it. Similar to their Luxury Kief Scraper, Keefer’s dabber tool employs a simplistic design that is purpose driven and engineered to fill a missing void in the cannabis consumption space.

We tested the Keefer Luxury Dabber Tool on the following consistencies of cannabis concentrate:

Types of Concentrate Used:

  • Shatter
  • Wax & Budder
  • Live Resin
  • Sauce
  • Rosin
  • Full-Melt Bubble Hash

The PotGuide review team conducted several dabs of varying sizes for each consistency of concentrate used. Keep on reading for the results!


When it comes to a dab tool’s overall function, its ability to collect and hold a dab on the tip is of paramount importance. The Keefer dabber tool excels in this category, as it is dual-sided with three separate tips on the needle-pointed end. On the other end, the tool features a hybrid “flat scoop” design that is very useful for certain situations. This versatility allows for use with virtually any type of cannabis concentrates on the market. From runny to viscous, every type of concentrate can be easily collected and dabbed up with the Keefer dabber tool.

Although simple, Keefer has been purposefully designed to accomplish one of dabbing’s biggest problems – the fact that one dabber traditionally does not fit all consistencies of concentrates.

With the Keefer, you can keep one dab tool on hand for all your concentrate needs and not have to worry about your set-up while you’re purchasing products at the dispensary.

Both ends of the Keefer dabbing tool function very efficiently and the dual-tipped design allows for consumers to literally get every single bit of concentrate out of their containers – a task that is difficult to accomplish with other tools on the market. The flat scoop allows you to scrape the bottom and sides of the container with ease and will help you get every last dab out of your grams.

Ease of Use

With a purpose-driven yet simplistic design, the Keefer dabbing tool is incredibly easy to use and operate. Plus, since it’s flat, it will never roll off of your table and onto the floor. We found the flat design to be much more useful than we could have imagined, as placing the tool on the edge of the table makes grabbing and picking it up a breeze, and it stores easily in a backpack or pelican case when you’re on-the-go.

Like most dabbers out there, the design is very intuitive and right away, as a concentrate consumer, you can see just how useful this tool can be. The first time our review team laid eyes on the Keefer dabber tool we knew we had to bust out some grams that were on their last dabs to see if we could scrape every remnant of concentrate from the container to our bangers.

There really isn’t a concentrate that the Keefer dabber tool can’t handle. As mentioned earlier, we tested nearly every type of concentrate consistency with the Keefer and found no issues with the ease of use or the quality of the design. Whatever consistency of concentrate you prefer, the Keefer tool can help you dab it!


From an appearance standpoint, the Keefer dabber tool is highly elegant and sleek. The glossy stainless steel finish looks excellent under any lighting and the Keefer logo graces the tool in a way that’s non-invasive and stylish. There are certainly some “headier” dab tools on the market made by glass blowers and artists, but if you’re looking for something sleek, sophisticated and fashionable then the Keefer dabber tool is for you.

Keefer Luxury Dabber Tool


Coming in at $14.99, you really can’t go wrong with the Keefer dabber tool. There are a lot of dabbers on the market that cost more and do much less, so for anyone who wants versatility and the ability to work with any concentrate, we would highly suggest going with the Keefer.

It’s also important to note that when you pick up the Keefer tool it just feels solid and sturdy. Some dab tools feel very light and flimsy, but not the Keefer. And while admittedly it doesn’t make a huge difference in the dabbing process, having something that is weighted and sturdy just adds a nice touch of comfort to the entire experience.


All things considered, the Keefer dabber tool is one of the most versatile options on the market. It addresses some of the most common complaints surrounding dab tools, and does so in a sleek, sophisticated design. It’s safe to say that the PotGuide review team thoroughly enjoyed this product and will be using it for years to come!

Visit Keefer’s website to purchase a Keefer Dabber Tool for yourself!

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