There’s a new contender in the high-end concentrate market, and that company is BOSM Labs. We recently had the pleasure of sampling their complete line of products and we’re excited to share our thoughts with you. If you’re on a quest for the most delectable concentrates, then we’d highly suggest making a stop to BOSM’s neck of the woods – a little place we like to call Flavortown.

For this particular review, we sampled Green Crack Live Resin, a full-spectrum extract made from fresh-frozen, whole plant cannabis. This product is part of BOSM’s “Gold” line of products and is the pinnacle of their extraction offerings.

Each dab of the sampled product was melted and vaporized on a Quave Club Banger heated for roughly 60 seconds and cooled for approximately 25-30 seconds (an ideal “low-temp dab” heat up & cool-down). The rig used for our review was 6 inches tall with a two-hole diffuser and a directional flow carb cap was utilized for optimal flavor and even convection of the product.

Enough talk though, let’s get down to the details, shall we?


Taking the lid off of the BOSM Green Crack live resin was a fun moment for the team. The first characteristic we noticed was the high amount of crystallized cannabinoids in the concentrate. This particular sample of live resin was definitely higher in cannabinoids than terpene content, but there still was a fair amount of ‘sauciness’ in the jar.

The color was slightly darker than other live resin products we’ve encountered, but the amber hue was still a pleasant shade and indicative of fresh plant material used. When we let the jar sit out for a bit, the terps seemed to ‘sweat’ off of the crystals and glistened favorably in the light, making for some great photo opportunities.


Upon receiving our bag of samples, we knew we were going to have some serious odor issues. In fact, a friend of ours thought we were consuming in the office because the product’s aroma was so loud.

While the strong, pungent smells were coming from a combination of all three of BOSM’s resin products, the Green Crack live resin certainly packed some serious smells when sniffed solo. Hints of sweet, earthy and slightly hashy notes immediately meet your nose after the cap is taken off. Upon closer olfactory inspection, we were able to estimate that the resin was high in myrcene and pinene due to the sweet, musky aromatics.

Surprisingly, BOSM’s live resin had slightly less aromatic properties than their cured resin, but overall we were quite pleased.


After getting a good whiff of the product, we were definitely excited to take a few dabs and experience the flavor of the resin. As we expected, the taste paralleled the aroma of the product, producing an earthy, musky flavor with a mellow finish. While the terpenes weren’t overpowering, the flavor yielded from a low-temp dab was definitely enjoyable with a pleasant, almost floral after-taste.

One of our reviewers was reminded of the crisp, fresh air on early-morning mountain hikes, while another depicted a joyful experience of piney terps dancing upon their taste buds. Obviously, there was a lot of positive feedback on the flavor of BOSM’s Green Crack live resin. We really enjoyed tasting this product and were satisfied with how well the flavor matched up with the aroma.


As with most concentrates, it didn’t take long for the effects to start kicking in. Perhaps the most noticeable effect amongst the team was a cerebral, head high that provided a clear path of thinking and an uplifting demeanor. From those clear-headed cerebral effects slowly crept a body high that became more and more intense, culminating in an enhanced state of tranquility and relaxation.

Additionally, as time went on, the team began to have an insatiable craving for food (AKA the munchies), leaving us to believe this product would make a great choice for anyone looking to stimulate their appetite. Because of the strong, relaxing effects, we’d also recommend consuming this product if you’re in need of pain relief, muscle relaxation or a quick mood booster.


We thoroughly enjoyed our sample of Green Crack live resin from BOSM Labs. All in all, it provided a great experience that was full of flavor and enjoyable effects. If you haven’t tried BOSM yet, we definitely recommend trying their line of full-spectrum live resin products!

Visit BOSM Labs Website for more information.

Photo Credit: Gary Barber Photography






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