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This place is crazy good!!! Never in my life have I had Mexican food this good! Caesar knows what he's doing that's for sure! The service is impeccable! The price is very reasonable! So if your on a tight budget you can definitely do this.
They have a great selection and good prices always friendly and read to help
I've been with them for 4-7 an been help with everything. They are TOP NOTCH been there for any growing questions, thc an cbd knowledge.they have such a great personality it's easy to get smart about getting medical an recreational ENJOY YOUR ADVENTURE. AN THANK YOU LYNN ,KIT AN ALL .
They have a variety of products to choose from including: patches, pills, edibles, oils, vapor pens and several strains of marijuana. The staff are super friendly. They use to give away a lot of free stuff. They don't give away as much stuff as they use to but they can put you on a rewards program. They have an A.T.M. machine inside. They can print the medical marijuana papers for you to take to your doctor. I think they have a list of doctors that they can refer you to that specialize in prescribing medical marijuana.
They know what I was asking about when I couldn't remember what it was called that is in the product. The guy are friendly and make you feel welcome.

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