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Love the selection and people. Such a friendly enviroment.
GO HERE DAILY!! AMAZING PPL, AND TOP SHELF FLOWER FOR BOTTOM SHELF PRICES!! CAN'T BEAT IT IMHO!!! Love the quantam Kush!! & The babes are a pleasant change from all the dude bud tenders!! Don't get my wrong dudes are chill too???????? nothing like a pretty girl pick'n primo tho
Always great quality, in and out fast. But my ounce was almost a gram short by the time I emptied out the 8 prepacked bags he gave me and weighed it . Which isn't really a big deal ,but I like to get what I pay for. I think I will have him weigh it out in front of me next time I purchase that amount.
I went to Green Lion today to grab a few pre-rolls since the first one I had was a let down. Grabbed another one of their SCX Kush $2 pre-rolls at 19.84%, a Red Dragon pre-roll at 20.3% ($3), U Dub at 25.59% ($10). The U Dub is dank, no doubt. The Red Dragon was pretty decent. But the $2 just smelled like grass and was packed fairly loose (though not the skimpy portion I got last time). The cashier checked all the joints, rejecting a few which seemed under par, but they didn't wear gloves so they touched all over my joints. Major issue for me. The layout is tight. No other way to say it. I'm in a wheelchair and it was a tight fit for me and inconvenient to the other customers. Getting in and out were both a hassle but the sidewalk is level to the parking lot, so that was a nice plus. The employees were welcoming but aloof, not overly friendly but not rude by any stretch. All in all I won't likely make this a regular stop due to the inconvenience of getting in and out as well as navigating the odd floorplan and other customers. Their product is hit or miss but they have a few odds and ends that other shops don't have as well as some amazing glass.
Great shop super friendly people and $2 joints make the green lion a must stop pot shop. Enjoy the change in your pocket and get a j :)

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