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Only weed store open early on memorial day. Had a long talk with Andre. Great dude. Open early, great prices, great staff.
Always super friendly and knowledgeable. I always have a basic idea of what I want but I never go in with something specific in mind. So they go over the options available that match my basic request, giving me the merits of each, answer any questions I have, and then let me pick.
Make sure u get ur correct change... went in there today... I gave Sarah $120 for a $102 sale and she tried to keep my change like I only gave her $100 asked the girl in the back office if she could take $2.60 out of the tip jar to finish payin off my order.... um I gave u $120
Our sales associates were kind and attentive. Boasting a sweet atmosphere, and the ambience is exquisite. I also like the smell. Sean and Sara are the best!
The O.G collective over on Cross street has a racist manger there name “Mike”who was very rude to me and belittling. I was short changed and when I came back to correct the error. I was met with a hostile and unfriendly attitude; although, I had all my receipts. I am not sure if my experience with this particular manger was isolated. However, given his supervisor role and the way he handled the situation. His behavior as a manger should definitely be looked into. Update 12/30/2017 (3:15PM) Okay so earlier I discussed my horrible experience with one of the mangers at this location named “ Mike” On the other hand, I followed up with the lead manger at the store name “ Alisha” who was very apologetic about what happened and issued me the correct refund amount. I am very grateful for her professional demeanor and empathetic approach to my situation. I hope that this never happens again to anyone else!!

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