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After going to this dispensary regularly for almost two years, I will never go back in again. Nearly 1/3rd to 1/2 of the time I’ve purchased flower anywhere from their bottom shelf to top, the flower does not get you high no matter how much you smoke. Truly a poor dispensary and from just a couple brief talks with the owner, this isn’t a shop you want to give your money to. Your better off going anywhere else but here.
in the last week
This has become my go to shop. Even tho it's out of my way and I'll drive by 5 other dispensaries but well worth it. They have the best prices and great quality pre rolls. I mean neatly rolled, full, firm joints but not too tight. Keep up the hard work.
2 weeks ago
Great shop everyone is so nice and informative on all topics canibus related. They also have great deals !
2 weeks ago
The staff here is pretty freaking awesome. They are always willing and able to take time to find what is right for you. With chronic pain and no knowledge of what might help, they were right there. Prices are quite fair and the location is great for me. Variety of options.
3 months ago
I checked this place out and really liked it. Service was great and the product I purchased was pretty BOMB!! Lol not at all a bad place to check out. Price was good too
4 months ago