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Staff was friendly and not pushy but i found a bug in my flower! It wasnt very big but at the retail level, for as much as i pay for this stuff it should be top quality. Got the sour sage from gnome grown. Yall need to inspect your stuff better.
3 weeks ago
Went with the recommendation from budtender for a heavy indica and purchased a quarter oz. My husband is retired military and uses cannabis as medicine in lieu of pharmaceutical options. I advised the budtender that I smelled hints of limonene and a-pinene (terpenes). He advised me that I was wrong - I should have believed my nose. This "heavy indica" was a hybrid at best. Upon separation of flower for stem and grinding, the sativa dominant terpenes were strong. The smoke was definitely sativa leaning. Oregon doesn't do testing for terpenes and I am not sure that the budtenders here are getting a thorough training on the value of terpenes and monoterpenes on sativa vs indica leanings. I would say this is of high value to a consumer base who is using the product for it's medicinal value. Unfortunately, I cannot give a solid recommendation for this dispensary.
4 weeks ago
I know most of the staff; Luke is the best, being a kind hearted individual who really cares about his customers. This place has decent prices especially for downtown in the pearl district.
2 months ago
Super helpful and don't mind first timers. Highly recommend
3 months ago
Nice place, the presentation was really impressive, like the flowers being hold to show and cool circles that also have products on the wall. They also have nice merch and staff is kind.
4 months ago

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