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Really sucks that I have to give such a terrible review. This used to be my go-to dispensary until they raised they’re prices. They also stopped labeling they’re weed so when you walk in, you have no idea what you’re even looking at. Not only that, but I had a horrible experience with one of the employees working there today. I’m not sure what her issue was but she decided to engage herself in a conversation my boyfriend was having with one of the employees we know. And not in a good way. She was helping another customer when all of a sudden she starts to put herself in our conversation, starting an argument all while “trying” to help a different customer. She was never once helpful when she decided to add her two cents, all that came out of her mouth was negativity/insults. I never got her name; black hair, glasses and short in height. I’m hoping if I ever do come back, I never see her working there again. Absolutely uncalled for. Y’all need better customer service and better deals. Absolutely ridiculous.
7 months ago
I'll pass on this place. Was a cool little spot then it turned into Mr. Nice Guy and all the prices went up but they had deals so it wasn't bad, then they removed the deals and now everything is just more expensive. If it's the closest shop to you it's not bad to go to but if you have to travel a little to get here, there are plenty of other places to go with the same quality and cheaper prices. Maybe if my bud hadn't been sitting for over the past 8 months i'd have no issue with these prices but this high for old bud is a pass from me.
4 months ago
Not the greatest store. Pick up rarely works, staff are not friendly, low grade products at a higher than normal price. Hard pass on this place.
a month ago
Happy that I got a cartridge from my favorite farm. However, the guy who "helped" me was so rude that I don't want to go back in there. As a fellow Mr. Nice Guy employee and avid customer, I expect more from a coworker. Your whole purpose is not to tell the customer they are wrong in their preferences, you help them.
2 months ago
They have great product, at prices that most anyone can afford to leave happy, so they can then get even happier! The budtendress was very helpful and made me feel comfortable taking my time at being indecisive. It is clean and cozy atmosphere, and I will be coming back!
4 months ago

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