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I bought 2 grams of their MAC 1 at 31.1 THC% and a pack of the HEMP RAW cones. I was okay with rolling one joint but when I rolled the other, the weed only filled up to about half of the cone. I called back to let them know they shorted me weed and no one answered the phone and my calls were sent to the answer Service with each call getting shorter and shorter. Used to love this shop but this is a complete L on their customer service
3 months ago
Happy that I got a cartridge from my favorite farm. However, the guy who "helped" me was so rude that I don't want to go back in there. As a fellow Mr. Nice Guy employee and avid customer, I expect more from a coworker. Your whole purpose is not to tell the customer they are wrong in their preferences, you help them.
3 weeks ago
good deals sometimes, but be careful of the bait and switch. try to call before hand to make sure they still have things, and order online before you go. i drove an hour today for no reason because their site had for sale 4-5 Flower varieties that are no longer available.
a month ago
They have great product, at prices that most anyone can afford to leave happy, so they can then get even happier! The budtendress was very helpful and made me feel comfortable taking my time at being indecisive. It is clean and cozy atmosphere, and I will be coming back!
2 months ago
I'll pass on this place. Was a cool little spot then it turned into Mr. Nice Guy and all the prices went up but they had deals so it wasn't bad, then they removed the deals and now everything is just more expensive. If it's the closest shop to you it's not bad to go to but if you have to travel a little to get here, there are plenty of other places to go with the same quality and cheaper prices. Maybe if my bud hadn't been sitting for over the past 8 months i'd have no issue with these prices but this high for old bud is a pass from me.
2 months ago

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