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Just visited yesterday. Have to say, I was reminded of how I could go in completely discombobulated with cash in hand and all the employees would have my back. As a med patient, it is always hard to keep your disease in check, especially when it is one that attacks the mind AND body. I feel like a shaking ball of jelly standing in a sea of stable standing people. I ALWAYS feel like a TARGET. But HERE I KNOW 1st hand, everybody has my back and won't short me money, product and keeps an eye out on me while I'm in their presence. They don't HAVE to do this. But...they do. I just wanted to make everyone there remembers they are appreciated. And knows us patients notices those little things ;) Thanks for the recommedation on the Northern Cheese preroll...really helped with my recent fall!! :/ Man I wished I could post pics! The difference in the quality!! Portlandiers just don't know! For 36 dollars find out that you get in their Purple Hindu. I have comparison pics of PHK from here and a store that touts 89$ OZ. NOT only do you lose cust service but quality (buds the size of my pinky finger nearly brown so old and just crumble at the lightest touch) and some from Mindright (largest bud was 2.5 in from stem to top of flower and so fresh when rolled the resin dripped from our handrolled cigarette)...all flower was purchased within the last 2 weeks and the for only 36 bucks more med patients will see an AMAZING difference in quality!! Mindright reads 21.01 thc and 0.01% cbd. The blind control reads 20.54 % the 0% cbd.
Best Dispensary in town. The staff is awesome and the atmosphere is relaxed and easy.
A bit over priced for "machine" trimmed. Buds are flat without all the good stuff.... they sell the good stuff for extra. Best to find a REAL friendly place. They cant be trusted. Some of the staff is cool. But hey, it's Portland, there's a lot of cool people here.
Excellent customer service and exceptional section. I'm happy that the Budtenders are knowledgeable in all products and take pride in their dispensary.
Excellent staff and atmosphere. Very clean. Smelled wonderful. They answered all questions clearly and concisely. We'll definitely go back.

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