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A cannabis company you can count on! Featuring $5 eighths $40 ounces all day every day. Formerly TRU Cannabis, we are to be Floyd's Fine Cannabis! New name, fresh look, same great deals & service!





- Daily: $5 eighths & $40 ounces! Pick up any Yellow Label flower for $5 per eighth or $40 per ounce.

- Daily: Pick up any Blue Laberl joint for 1 for $2.50, 2 for $4.17, or 5 for $8.33!


- Monday: Enjoy 10% off ALL Edibles every Monday!

- Tuesday: Pick up any Blue Label flower half ounce for $50. Split it half & half to get the same price!

- Thursday: Enjoy 10% off ALL Topicals & Tinctures every Thursday!

- Friday: Enjoy 10% off ALL Floyd's Merchandise every Friday!

- Saturday: Enjoy 10% off ALL Non-Floyd's Merchandise every Saturday!

- Sunday: Pick up an eighth of Red Label flower for $30 every Sunday!


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Other Reviews

Employee who rang me up was rude and didnt seem interested in helping me. He seemed put out that I interupted him weighing out some jars. Joints I bought went out every two minutes because they were so poorly rolled ( I bought six of them and they were all like that), and didnt do much except give me a headache. Weed seemed old and dry.
2 months ago
I spent $60 on a a disposable dab pen that I was told was TOP SHELF OIL and it is some of the WORST TASTUBF oil I’ve ever had in my life! I tried to return and exchange the product but was told that they couldn’t do that. I should have known better to buy it because this pot shop is a total low budget disaster. Watch out for this place they lie to you to sell you product that they can’t back up. WACK!
2 months ago
Great products, friendly helpful service and fabulous prices. I'll be back!
a month ago
Most of the time they have trash products. First time I went, I got really good quality product. The last three times I went, their products were okay at best. They have different colored labels to identify which is higher quality, but their bud always looks like half bud and half shake, twisted up lawn grass, or is just truly dank. There is no middle ground. If you come here because you've heard the place has really good bud, don't be misguided. This is a place you go to check to see IF they have good bud before you go on to your initial destination.
4 months ago
I don't know what to say about this place. First off it is very nice inside I like all of the products and extras that they carry. Their prices are great and while I haven't smoked any of the flower the concentrates or a great deal. Now what I didn't like about this place. I did not feel comfortable at all. The budtender was very distracted talking to her co-worker half ignoring our questions. Very dismissive although she somehow did give us a great recommendation squeezed in all that edginess and rudeness. I really don't know what to say, however I honestly probably won't come back simply because there are so many other options in town. Disappointed but who knows if I'm in the area maybe I'll swing by again and my mind will be changed. Really wanted to like this place.
4 months ago

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