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La Pine Oregon's #1 dispensary - promoting recreational cannabis as well. Check us out at for never before seen features and all of our products!


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Out of all this dispensaries I've been to in Central Oregon, this is by far my favorite one and the only one I go to now. I've never had to wait or wait in line. I like how everything is set up. NO pointless room you have to walk through first to start shopping. Once you walk in there's a bunch of beautiful glass work to enjoy and a variety of apparel to look at or buy and a great selection of buds(flower) and you can choose from shatter to oils or even edibles. Plus they even have some extras to choose from that I'm still trying to try them all! It is definitely a one stop shop. They sell all kinds of different smoking utensils. If you don't have a dab rig or a pen for your oil. You can get what you need here. In my opinion all dispensaries are all the same in prices, but Green Knottz has a great friendly staff! I've been helped by everyone who works here and everyone of them are polite, friendly and can answer any of my questions. I feel very welcomed when coming to this shop. I would suggest this dispensary over any other one!! If you never been here I suggest you do and see for yourself the great customer service and a great selection of the variety of product you prefer.
This place sucks the price's are outrageous and they are very rude people and he owes me 100 bucks for a reward he posted and about Rosa it a disrespectful person and is very rude everytime I went in there never ever will go here again and they should be shut down! High desert botanical is the best place in lapine ! If I could I wouldn't give it any stars!
Awesome place. Cool staff. Nice prices. Good selection of oil, shatter, cartridges, flower, edibles. The owner served us and he was cool and friendly. They are patient to take time to show you all choices and answer any questions. Very chill atmosphere. Will be back for sure.
Great customer service, pretty good selection for how small it is. A little expensive but what dispensary isn't? Glad to have this place in Lapine.
So glad to have found a dispensary on the way south out of bend. Sureprisingly good prices and a decent selection... super friendly genuine guys working at the time.. the place itself us super clean and well laid out. Their menu board is well done too. Great Work guys! I hope you enjoy great success in LA pine!