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Cool shop in a cool town. People were very friendly. Large selection and they had somthing for all budgets
Meh Customer service. They look at you like you stabbed a baby if you ask questions. Which you HAVE to do to know anything because there site has been out of date and "being fixed soon" for like 2 years. A fact that the owner debates if you mention it. No to mention they lie about the competition to get people not to go. They tried to tell me the place next door bribed people onto giving them bad scores. NOPE. IT'S YOUR STANK ATTITUDE!!!!
Often long waits as a consequence of Idaho people regularly making the drive to purchase their cannabis products (Idaho residents make up the vast share of 420ville's business). Upon making inquiries into their non-psychoactive medicinal products, and this on not that busy of a day for them, the first few questions were answered for me... but then I began receiving less and less effective service as the employee kept glancing towards the entrance way to the dispensing room, her answers increasingly clipped until finally disengaging from my questions altogether. It's clear that quick sales were the most important to 420ville. It was finally at down the street at Hotbox that my questions were patiently and thoroughly answered. In the end no purchase was made, leaving me with a rather soured view of the operation at 420ville. Very expensive; pushy sales staff; a rushed vibe... it's all about the money. No thank you, except for the eye opening to what this operation really is: Avarice.
Worst dispensary experience I know of. People are pushy, the wait is often horrendous, vibe is sketchy, prices are double what you pay an hour down the road, and the buds all look and smell horrible and very similar. If you are visiting Eastern Oregon I highly recommend the Sumpter nugget, all opposite things going on there.
Only waited about 20- 25 minutes and it was well worth it! Mandy was super nice and was very patient with my picky boyfriend. Definitely going back soon :)