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Other Reviews

Experience was wonderful! I like it ALOT better than Hot box Farms that's right down the road. ??
Super friendly staff, very knowledgeable. Currently the only dispensary I will go to. Fair prices too
The service was a little off putting at first, but once you get in the back of the shop the mood picks up and everyone was friendly. The prices are higher on the flowers and not as much variety as Hotbox Farms but the quality is rich. Their shatter prices are really good as well, overall I will be a returning customer at least for the shatter.
Awesome knowledgeable people big smiles grade a attitudes. Love it. I only shop here now. PS wish you had hash??
07/19/2017 was my first time at this store and it wasn't as bad as I have heard. They have better prices and more concentrates. Small bud selection and staff weighs on point...yes I understand that I order 7g and your not giving it away for free but to get those wooden twizers out and at least six times adding and taking a difference of. 1g over. Did it will all selections of mine. I don't expect free bud but this action seems shady. Lobby is a little too open and has a gas station feel and back room is small and their ordering system won't tell you a total while your ordering and when I asked what was my current total the employee gave me a calculator. Hotbox seems more professional. Bigger backroom and lobby is comfy but a little too small. Better bud selection and not so analysis about being on point, always get. 1 to. 4 over ordered weight. Not such a good concentrate selection. Little bit higher in price. Ordering system is flawless. 420ville is okay and I will probably return in future to see improvements. But I will continue to buy from Hotbox.