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My 17 year old dog has brain cancer and with the Angel brand 1000mg liquid, has tenfold made her seizures much better for the quality of life she has left. She is not suffering.
in the last week
I'm an idiot and thought that you can use your id with it being expired because it had your birthday. I was wrong. I am an idiot. These guys are simply awesome! Never had anything wrong with any order. People are super super friendly, place is super clean and the products are amazing! Love this place. I just need an Oregon license now. :)
3 weeks ago
I'm glad this is the closest dispensary near myself. I always walk out with exactly what I need at good price. their in house products aren't too bad either. I quite enioy their concentrates. very friendly staff. seems to be pretty busy here a lot but they're always keeping people moving
3 months ago
I love the people here! The budtenders are very friendly, welcoming, and always helpful. And if the budtender helping you can't answer your question, there's another one who probably can. They are more educated on the medicine side of things than most places I've been to as well. They have great selection and it's always changing! I highly recommend Defyne!
4 months ago
Adrian is awesome real grate price for quality cannabis. ask about there good taste extracts as well. And most importantly ask about there hole line of merchandise hat's shirts lots off stuff . Make shure to get a punch card so you can save more money.
4 months ago

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