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Great. They fixed things right up for me when what I used broke, and this is the best one out of about 7 I have been to, based on services and goods. Mind you the others were good too.
a week ago
Honestly, I rarely leave negative feedback. So, when I do... I've been to this place a couple times. Never had a problem. I got busy on the 4th and was really happy to see they had what I needed. I'd never used the pickup option before at any dispensary. My husband agreed to pick up the order on his way home from his errands. I know when you buy weed that's 9.60 for an 1/8, that you're gonna get good weed, not great weed AND there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with that. Weed with THC between 18 and 20% is my day smoke and to get it at that price, all the better. Add in a holiday discount and you can't go wrong. Right? The 1/8 of PHK from Q Farms. Good high, but it's PHK. My complaint, lots of stems that should've been trimmed. If it were one or two buds that were the issue or the buds were bigger, I'd let it go, but there were actual tiny dried leaves with thin stems attached. Several of the stems on the microbuds were thicker and an inch long. A few microbuds were mostly stem. Often, dispensaries weight over a tenth of a gram or two, to make up for poor trimming or thicker stems in the actual buds themselves. Frankly, Swag I've bought at other places has had fewer stems. The 1/8 of Cherry Zkittlez from Green Queen Farms was missing it's THC%. Not a biggie, I can look it up. It's a nice strain. Good high. Since I like Cherry pie and Zkittlez, I anticipated the hybrid would be yummy. I was still looking for some loud weed. Something that hit really hard. I saw Wedding Cake grown by Eugreen on the menu. I've had the strain before in the low 20s, but I saw it at 28.79% THC and squealed with delight. I've also smoked strains from Eugreen before and I knew it was gonna be good. It was listed at 9.60 a gram. I decided it was worth it and added a gram. What ended up in the bag? A container labeled as 1 gram of Wedding Cake at 22.32% THC grown by Fox Hollow Flora. Harvest date 4/15/19. Tested by Juniper Analytics 5/14/19. Batch 5283. I asked my husband, if the person told him something had to be substituted or anything like that, but he said no. All the person did was verify the order number and the names of the strains. In other industries, this tactic is called 'Bait and Switch'. Do I think this was their intention? Not sure. I want to chalk it up to stoners or old data, but when you have a pickup option on your menu, accuracy should be important. I know there are all the disclaimers associated with the pickup option, but Dude... All this means is 1.) I won't shop here again. 2.) I won't recommend this shop. 3.) I won't use the pickup option at any dispensary. 4.) I'll only let my husband pick up orders from Target and Petsmart.
4 months ago
A great shop with very nice employees. I love the cleanliness of the shop along with the variety of inventory on all types of goodies. They have great daily deals and some great OZ specials.
6 months ago
I love this place!! Everybody is very friendly an helpful..i came up from Cali an stocked up!!! An it smells Wonderful inside!!
6 months ago
Excellent staff from top to bottom. The specials THC has throughout the year are unmatched. Never left without a smile and a great deal on some amazing herb.
7 months ago

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