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Great people. Good staff. They just need to keep an eye out on illegal handicapped parking. Which the owner said she'll take of it. Reminds all of you. I will take a picture and send it in to the DMV. And you will get a ticket if you don't have a handicap plaque.
Staff always kind and friendly and knowledgeable. Been going here for a while. Been to several others with no where near the customer service. I keep going back because of the quality, knowledge and friendly staff as well as the quality of the product. Location is clean and safe. This coming from a person who has consumed cannabis for 35 years+.
Love the location (right off the freeway), love the prices, love the dankity cannbis I get there all the time, don't love most of the staff (with a few exceptions) who don't really have any customer service skills, and can't/don't care to answer any of your cannabis questions. Would by far be the best dispensary in town with some knowledgable staff members.
Whiny bud tenders who belong in clothing retail because they don't smoke, grow or educate themselves on the product they sell. If there's no caring for the bud or the customer then why be here lol. trimmers/tenders are friendly at better locations and not in a constant crisis poor me mode. Wishing healing your way, the customers need it ?
The staff here is awesome. Their bud selection is about the same as what I've seen from other dispensaries. The quality is always great. It's a larger floor plan than what I've seen at other places. They also allow more than one person to purchase at a time. What really tips therm over the top is that they are one of the few companies that accept debit and credit cards. This is rare because most places are cash only. I can't say enough good things. I'm a satisfied customer!

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