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We're OLCC Recreational!!!!

*Our prices are post-tax and there's a medical discount for cardholders.







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Other Reviews

Pot shop prices for last years outdoor! I should have read the label before I bought it. I guess with the outrageous 20% cash grab tax and all the hoops the shop has to jump through to stay open this is what we get. It's to easy to grow to pay money like this that goes to the state and OLCC!
Convenient; always got good prices and flavors. I love this place.
These guys run a great store. Always have great stock and sales.
Always a real great place to stop on Friday, plus Linea is awesome budtender!!!
Plenty of parking with handicap access. They do have an atm. Great daily specials with Saturday being 10% off entire store. Wide selection of cbd products as well. Highly recommend this place. All prices food on their weed maps listing are taxes included. While TJs does have better quality flower. Hwy 99 Co is a much better bang for your buck, not as good as TJs, but still very good.