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Great staff, adorable and premium variety. *Affordable lol
in the last week
Came in last night around 9 and the budtender at the window told me and my friend that our IDs were fake (they are very obviously real Oregon IDs, I wouldn’t be writing this if they weren’t) and curses at us to get out of the store. Very rude experience from an employee who certainly needs to be retrained on IDs and have his temper checked. My friend and I have never had problems in the past year shopping here or at any other place for that matter. Absolutely ridiculous.
a month ago
Was okay, was offered a 40$ ounce just come back at 1pm for an extra discount. I go I come back and he tells me he was wrong and that its 42$ a half and that's with med prices. Then had a really hard time trying to remember or explain to me what deal was going on. So i just got it and left. But probably wont shop there. If you tell someone your going to sell them something for a price you should keep your word.
3 months ago
Went in with some questions about vapes, Cameron assisted me, he was very helpful and knowledgeable. Outstanding customer service experience, he even gave me one of his personal lighters. Will be returning here in the future and recommending to others!
2 months ago
Used to be my go-to dispensary, used to. I specifically loved their rewards system and that’s what kept me coming back. What is the point of not letting customers use their rewards points if they choose to? I don’t care what specials you have running on that particular day, if my rewards points will save me money and you’re daily specials won’t, why can’t I use my rewards points? Plenty of other great dispensaries in Corvallis that have reward systems to. Until this is fixed, I will be taking my business elsewhere.
6 months ago

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