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Staff is always great. Prices are great and I love that you can always get in and out super quick. Especially compared to going into klamath
in the last week
The place is a joke. I've been here before. The weed is priced decent. But I hate this place it's always the guy with the cargo shorts and goatee. Dude is annoying. He uses a fake voice was calling me Man and using profanity like he was trying to be my bro. He stands outside smoking usually. The only reason I come back is it's convenient. No dude, I don't want your discount. Shut up.
a month ago
Friendly and knowledgeable. Love smelling and looking at bud before buying. Good prices.
2 months ago
This was my first trip to Oregon and we pulled off of the highway to look around. I’ve read about these new allowance of marajuana and dispensing stores. This was my first time to enter one. Let me tell you it was real neat. It was not as I thought it was not worrisome. They are so nice didn’t mind I was curious. To see many kinds of reefer is neat. Others were happy buying things. The fellow asked if I was a veteran and yes sir I am. They honor service. If you have never seen one and are just maybe curious, just please stop at their store. Don’t be timid because they are so nice. There is the bright orange type Oregon banner so you will remember. I will come back when I have more time on the way home.Their cigarette type will be my first go when I’m ready. I hope to try myself soon.
3 months ago
Decided to revisit Green Knottz today. Weather was great, nice staff every one was friendly. I will be coming back. Appreciated that there were a good selection of everythin didn’t wait at all I was suggested some new things and I am glad I came back. I also recommend to wander to the hardware store it’s pretty cool.
3 months ago

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