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Arrived at night and had slightly hard time seeing if they were open. They were definitely open after we parked and walked up front. Happy folks giving great advice and knew exactly what I was looking for in strains. Highly recommend going here!
in the last week
Best dispensary in southern Oregon!! *whispers* and the have a free soda fountain.. Genius'
a week ago
Best strains, highest thc content outta most of the stores in the valley. Great customer service, very friendly. I drive from Medford cause it's worth it. If you want the best weed in the valley you will too
2 months ago
The atmosphere and staff have nothing on Breeze just up the street. I never want to stay and chat with the employees at this one, and the lighting is pretty awful coming from bluish florescent bulbs. Most products are not on display and you have to wait for someone behind the counter if you want to have a look. With that said, the prices are so good I haven't gone anywhere else since finding Kaleafa. The products are nearly as good as anywhere else, but priced around 50%. There have been some recent staff changes and things are starting to get better in that regard.
3 months ago
This is the best dispensary in town! They have wonderful staff, amazing deals every single day including $60 dollar ounces on select strands every Tuesday. They also have great deals for medical. The staff helps you find whatever you're looking for and isn't wanting to rip you off. They promote the items they think are best for you and for your money. Everything I've bought from here, including edibles, CBD oil, bud and oil cartridges have been of high quality. If you need anything weed, this is the place to come to and for a great price.
5 months ago

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