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This is the most conveniently located pot shop for me, but this is why I recommend avoiding them. They mix their labels between THC % and "Total Cannabinoids" in an effort to prevent people from number shopping. The Total Cannabinoids number from what I understand is the THC% + CBD% + (Probably something else) So aside from not providing a THC%, their selection is not worth your time. Top shelf was absurdly expensive ($60 1/8th anyone?). Every other mid shelf bud I've got has a bad taste to it, and I don't even wanna try their low grade 8% THC twigs. Their system is setup to trick the customers so that they can supply a "points reward system" which is just a way of getting repeat customers. I don't support any shop that participates in this practice and would like to see them go out of business or change their approach.
I would say they are very friendly. Good customer service. Totally awesome! Check it out for your self...
Bought 4 clones, looked in good shape when purchased. Planted with the rest of the crop ( my clones from buyout seed and friends clones - same) mine took off like crazy-rest had a hard time taking off, the 4 grew slow into a small 2' bush by lite change them grew like crazy in bud finishing at about5' wide x 3' tall. So a little stressed when bought, otherwise good finish all things considered. Although not the 13'wx91/2'tall like mine.
Employees are super helpful and they have their own ATM which makes for a convenient quick stop. Love it!

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