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*Okay, last time* I'm bumping it up to 3. The more I smoke the happier I get. The fresh flower is great!, but I'm still ticked off about the prerolls. **Update** I'm changing review to 2 stars from 1 in earlier post after trying the budtenders suggestion. It was just what I needed. Good in general, but I guess it's buyer beware on "sale items". I purchased 2 prerolls today that were supposed to be a gram each. I thought they looked small so I weighed them, .89 gm & .87gm with the filters that weigh .25 Gm on there own meaning my biggest one was really .64Gm! What a RIP off! I'd hoped that since their products have always been good that maybe they'd be worth it, but the product that was on sale for $5 was nowhere near as good as the ones I got yesterday for $5 regular price elsewhere. When I called about the weight & quality I was told that they don't roll them & they can range from .8 to 1.01,so they basically lied about them being 1Gm each. When I also said the quality was poor she said that's why they're cheap. No apology, no attempt to make it right. This place was known for great products & people, but most other places take much better care of the customer.
a month ago
Friendly staff, great selection, good prices.
2 months ago
5 months ago
This is the best place they get to know you and help with the right choice. The ladies there are amazing at helping me with the right product for my needs. If you go anywhere else but dankmedic your wasting your time and money best prouduct around and the most amazing staff. Go see them at dankmedic you'll see you won't go anywhere else.
4 months ago
NO! I filled out the form for the pot, then I stood on line and took a good LOOK at these losers.... no cars.... couch-surfing... toothless nitwits who are unemployed (or under-employed) and I decided I do NOT need to play into the government agenda of being stoned so they can CONTROL ME. That is really what all this "legalized weed" is all about, controlling the public and TAXING IT at the 20% rate Colorado now pays. If you smoke butts, adding ANOTHER WEED to your repertoire' isn't gonna get you off of mommies couch. But your little brains are already SWITCHED OFF so this post is pointless. LATER
5 months ago

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