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Retail dispensaries are expected to open mid-2022, but are not currently open at this time. Dispensaries for medical cannabis have been open since of 2014. Previously, medical patients were required to designate a single dispensary for purchasing, however that requirement was removed October 1, 2021.


Is marijuana legal in Connecticut?

Recreational marijuana is legal in Connecticut effective July 1, 2021, after the passing of SB 1201. The state also has a medical marijuana program for qualifying patients, which was passed into law under House Bill No. 5389, An Act Concerning the Palliative Use of Marijuana.

How do I qualify for a medical cannabis license in Connecticut?

Patients must become qualified by a Connecticut-licensed physician who recommends medical cannabis to treat one or more state-approved qualifying conditions. Please visit PotGuide’s Connecticut legal page for an in-depth breakdown on accepted qualifying conditions.

Where can I consume marijuana in Connecticut?

Consumption is banned everywhere smoking cigarettes is banned, in addition to health care facilities including psychiatric hospitals, and areas in or around an establishment with a liquor license (such as outdoor seating at bars and restaurants).

Registered medical marijuana patients are allowed to consume cannabis in their own homes or on private property. It is illegal to consume medical marijuana in any public place in Connecticut.

Can I petition to have my medical condition included on the list of qualifying conditions?

Yes, you can petition the Commissioner of Consumer Protection via its Board of Physicians. Visit the DCP website to learn more about the petition process.

Do I need to be 18 years old to obtain my medical marijuana card in Connecticut?

No, patients under the age of 18 are allowed to qualify through one of the approved medical conditions listed above. For more information on how to obtain a license under 18 years old, visit here.

Where can I buy marijuana in Connecticut?

Medical dispensaries are currently open to qualifying patients. Retail sales of recreational cannabis are expected to begin some time in 2022.

How much marijuana can I possess or purchase?

Individuals may possess up to 1.5 oz, with an additional 5 oz locked in a home or car. 1 oz of flower is considered equal to 5g of concentrate. Qualified patients can possess up to 3 ounces per month. However, a physician can recommend a lower or higher dosage that the DCP must approve.

What kind of medical cannabis products can I buy in Connecticut?

Qualified patients can purchase flower, edibles (including baked goods), concentrates and transdermal products from their designated dispensary.

Can I become a caregiver?

Yes, patients can designate caregivers if a physician approves. To qualify as a caregiver, you must be:

Connecticut Caregiver Requirements:

  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Agree to undertake the responsibility of managing a patient
  • Have no prior controlled substance convictions
  • Not be the qualifying patient’s physician

If the qualifying patient lacks legal capacity, you must be the patient’s parent, guardian or other person having legal custody of the patient.

How many caregivers can a patient have?

Patients are allowed to have one caregiver at any time. Patients can change their caregiver through the DCP once a year if needed.

I am from out of state, will Connecticut honor my medical marijuana card?

No, there is no medical marijuana reciprocity in Connecticut.

Can I grow my own marijuana at home?

As of October 2021, qualified medical patients are allowed cultivate up to 6 plants for personal use (3 immature and 3 mature), with a limit of 12 per household. Beginning July 2023, recreational users may grow with the same limits.