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RISE DIspensaries is excited to have a Rochester medical marijuana dispensary, serving patients in need of compassionate service and top-quality cannabis therapies. Their best-in-class research team, seasoned healthcare and horticulture professionals, and dedication to patient welfare equip RISE with the ability to provide lasting marijuana treatment and relief to suffering patients. History: When New York state announced their expansion of the medical marijuana program, the team behind Fiorello Pharmaceuticals assembled to create the ultimate model of patient service. In August 2017, they won one of five coveted licenses to cultivate, process and produce cannabis medicines to qualifying New York patients. Their former name, “Fiorello” honors former NYC mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia, who was dedicated to advancing medical marijuana and its research. Fiorello Pharmaceuticals carries a similar dedication to his mission and employs the latest science, processes, and discoveries to improve the lives of their Monroe patients. Their Monroe facility is open to the public procidi visitors a safe, welcoming atmosphere in which to explore the healing power of medical cannabis.

Curbside pickup available on request.