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Lucy Sky began with a vision for the cannabis industry, one in which everyday people would see the everyday benefits of cannabis. Lucy Sky became an outlet for people to use to help themselves; help themselves walk away from opioids, help themselves relieve pain, and help themselves bring a quality of living to their life that might have otherwise been inaccessible.  She has a family of people that are passionate about life and the ability to thrive with cannabis use. Lucy Sky poured effort and love into the plants, never cutting corners, never settling for less, to create the high quality product Lucy has today. 
Today, Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique has two locations (with another coming this year!) and is constantly striving for sustainability in all aspects of business. Lucy aims to be more for her employees, helping them work towards goals, with promotions and opportunities awarded from within the company. Lucy Sky is also practicing cutting edge growing techniques that reduce waste and encourage efficiency throughout the entire process. And of course, Lucy promotes an efficient lifestyle. Cannabis has changed a lot in recent times. It’s no longer just “stoners” that prosper from cannabis consumption. Lucy acknowledges that all people; athletes, moms, dads, grandparents, active lifestyle aficionados can receive some, joy, relief, and happiness from marijuana. 
Lucy CaresLucy also wants to create sustainability within the community. Lucy Cares is a non-profit created as a way to give back to the surrounding Colorado areas. Partnering up with the Colorado Children’s Hospital, Lucy Cares has volunteered time and love to these children, along with other efforts throughout Colorado. She continues to excite her employees with chances to contribute as well as create meaningful impacts for the general CO population. It takes a village. Visit for more information about cannabis and Lucy Cares, or stop by and let the cannabis advisors help you find your perfect cannabis experience.