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Went there several times. But this time had very bad experience. They sold me an expired cookie. When I checked it and went back to return it, they did not take it and behaved rudely and all I just wanted a fresh cookie but they said its illegal to take it back. Will someone ask is it legal to sell expired stuff. Out come : I had to take the the expired cookie and ended up throwing in garbage. Waste of 28 dollars. Two days later I received a reply from the company about this msg and they said they never sell cookies. I did not want to specify the name of the cookie. But just to let you know(company) it was Zoots bites pack of six.
a week ago
Love this place. Good customer service and prices
a month ago
One of the bud tenders talked me into a strain that was the “best” indica he’s ever smoked. Not saying it was dirt weed but damn close. I’ll not visit that dispensary again
a month ago
The price of the cartridge I buy has $25. Higher than another local store. They didn't have much to choose from either. I've visited all 3 of Wallas despenseries and this one was my least favorite as far as product goes. The women that work there are very nice.
2 months ago
Best marijuana store in Walla Walla. Prices are higher but comparable to other distributors. But the staff after super friendly and take their time with you, no rush to make a sale. Also no products in their store use herbicide or pesticides.
4 months ago

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