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Confusing place to shop sometimes unfortunately. Gets crowded and while the staff "appear" friendly and prices can be okay' as seen in my photos pricing is hard to come by. This becomes an issue when there's no structured queue and your only means of browsing by price becomes taking one of the few workers on the floor. -I've actually decided to knock this review a star and retract my statement about the staff being friendly. The woman I just dealt with seemed more annoyed than anything else that I was making her price check after showing her there were no tags. Left without buying a thing, there are plenty of other recshops downtown.
in the last week
I have been going to Cinder ever since they opened! I love it! The people that work there are awesome and very knowledgeable. Cinder has become my go to place!
a month ago
The attendants here were exceptional and went above and beyond what I could have expected. Wide variety, good selections for every product, a rewards system, and daily sales. I highly recommend this dispensary.
a month ago
Nice downtown location and easy access back to the freeway. Good quality and a return policy on oil cartridges. Discounts are given to the marijuana industry workers as well as downtown workers. There is usually a line, but it's worth the wait.
a month ago
They seem reasonably priced And they have nice display cases. Why do all the stores keep saying there's a shortage on cheap pot. All the farmers I've talked to said you can't make money in this state because they're are so many farmers in this state.
a month ago

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