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Seattle's friendliest cannabis store! 

Ganja Goddess stocks some of Washington's best cannabis, so you'll find something to enjoy - no matter what your budget. We are proud to carry great cannabis products from Fireline, LeafWerx, AuricAG, and Dose, and amazing craft products from Craft Elixirs, Double Dutch, Heylo, Falcanna, and Lazy Bee.

Our knowledgeable Budtenders are there to help you find exactly what you need. Ganja Goddess is located in the SoDo next to Downtown and near the stadiums.


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Other Reviews

If you had bud tenders like Alex only you would've got 5 stars, he has knowledge and communication skills and MOST IMPORTANTLY he does not push and force product in your face while you shop like the big long hair guy does and a few others, every time you push product on a customer you take the blame if it's no good.LET THE CUSTOMER make the decision, your not selling ketchup popsicles that way your leaving bad tastes, bragging writes comes from regulars that come to said budtender by choice not how fast you can push the customer out the door.
4 weeks ago
The place was nice and clean. Had a good selection saw exactly what I needed
a month ago
Very helpful employees. Be careful on your first intake of edibles. I had one half of a small chocolate and it was very effective. Find your dosage and/or intake method responsibly.
2 months ago
Friendly counter people, great prices and selection of flower and it's variants plus edibles and paraphernalia too. They don't take credit cards anymore but have a ATM. Strains have color coded name cards and a sticker dot on it means it's low stock (others liked it...). Have a shuttle pick up too! Be sure to book 24 hours in advance.
2 months ago
It’s a great place and the staff are super helpful and don’t pressure you any. I’ve never had any questions that they didn’t at least attempt to answer to the best of their abilities. Warning that the large glass tends to be expensive from them, if recommend going to other shops for glass...
3 months ago