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Great staff and selection! Only wish with loyalty system they would and a carwash perks
a week ago
I honestly feel bad that I haven’t given a review earlier! Hashtag Redmond is literally a stones throw away from my house so purely by convenience I stopped in to see what if anything was different about this shop! Instantly I felt at home! The bud tenders were so enthusiastic about the product, just so helpful making sure you could get exactly what you are really wanting even if you happen to be on a budget that day. Also ordering online is super easy and convenient which I have found to be awesome if you know exactly what you’re looking for and you’re In a bit of a hurry. Honestly I would rather go inside because of the employees, they are all so sweet and always seem genuinely happy to see me! I do have to call out one employee who I feel goes above and beyond. I call her my “weed spirit animal”! She has absolutely never let me down on a purchase and is so very sweet and knowledgeable! I believe her name is Rachelle. She is a big part of the reason I am such loyal customer and the fact that they carry great weed and constantly have deals going on. Not to mention a great loyalty program! So I just wanted to say thank you for creating a place I love to visit multiple times in a week! See you soon! Amanda
4 weeks ago
Floor Staff is great, Assistant Store Manager Jimmy not so much. I have been a regular at hashtag for almost a year now. The staff has always been really great and friendly, so much to the point that I prefer going here even if there is a better deal elsewhere. Today I ran into the Assistant Store manager and wow was it a completely different vibe. I am very young looking, so I understand when people are wary of my age. Checking my ID is part of the job, I understand that. You can do all of this and be professional while still being polite however. The assistant store manager did none of this. He literally did not say a single word to me, other than to tell me the priced owed for my purchase. Not even a hello or a thank you. He did find the time however to very closely scrutinize my drivers license for a little longer than he probably needed to. It was the first time I did not tip here. If I have to deal with him again I will just walk straight out instead. The friendly and professional atmosphere that the other employees at Hashtag provide is really wonderful - I am disappointed to see the guy in charge does not feel the same way. EDIT: I went back one more time. Did not have to deal with Jimmy again, but he did process my online order. He does not give me a bag for the product and staples the receipt to the product itself. He stapled the receipt to the bag the product comes in, putting a bunch of holes in it. It stank the entire way home.
2 months ago
The staff at Hashtag Cannabis Redmond is extremely helpful for those new and returning to cannabis. The shop is located in the former lobby of the Super Bright Car Wash which makes for a convenient errand stop or quick breather from rush hour traffic. This shop is well connected to their first shop in Fremont which throws frequent events and hosts a senior educational shopping forum each month!
3 months ago
PHENOMENAL customer service. My cartridge malfunctioned for some reason, and I brought the cartridge back, and they gave me a FULL REFUND even though I left my receipt at home. Truly great people working there. also - Great selection of products (both low price for college students like me, and expensive but very high quality products for the “high rollers”)
3 months ago

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