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Incredibly friendly and willing to help in any way. I had a return and it was a pleasurable experience. I have always made them the only shop for me.
in the last week
I people who work here are very helpful and kind. And a great variety of products
in the last week
Great place, really good prices, excellent people. They really know their products. Recommend everyone visit.
2 weeks ago
New Management and very poor service. This place was one of the best, well kept, and knowledgeable of shops until recently. The last two times I was there the manager was cold, didn't care about the person or product. I would ask a worker the most basic of questions about the product and they would run off to ask the manager, who in turn I could hear the person saying "I'm not sure." The last time i went in, two people were coming out, I had came in, said hello and all but the newest person stayed. The manager, and one or two others put there heads down and walked into the back room..... I wanted to leave to another place just down the road when I barley got a smile and hello from the new person. They too had to go back and ask about a product they had not 3 feet from them, wouldn't take it out so I, the customer could look at it until I had pulled out my walled with my keys. Then asked a very much older person than myself for id verification, there wdl not a patient I herd the customer say before the worker asked for there id. I'm not sure what had happened to this place, but they will no longer be receiving any $$ from me, nor will I be advising anyone else to buy any products from them. Yes the other place can be a pain to get to, but there much more friendly and heavy discounts with major discounts to anyone in real need. Almost like a very helpful doc's office. so when you see the signs coming into anacortes on hwy20, please find the one at the cutoff leading to oak harbor. Much better pricing, and far more friendly and knowledgeable. Gave High Society all the chances and they will not take any type of criticism or give much in the line of help. so push to the next shop behind the big red barn at the sharpest corner next to the roundabout to go to oak harbor. Thank you for your time.
a month ago
I absolutely love going here. As someone who is new to using any marijuana products, Chris was very helpful and explained a lot to me as well as answered all my questions. After some consideration I bought a pen and some cbd cartridges for a injury. I later came back and got a THC cartridge and have had no problems at all and I absolutely love it. Everyone is super friendly and helpful. The prices are great and I will return again
4 months ago

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