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Great people. Great products. Great prices. My favorite dispensary in Pennsylvania.
in the last week
Went up there today and their are some phenomenal people up there willing to help you with any type of questions you have and their selections for flowers are also phenomenal??!
3 weeks ago
This is my go-to dispensary... the whole staff is more than willing to help and educate you on whatever you’re curious about. Some of the coolest, most professional, amazing people work in this establishment. You can’t go wrong with whoever ends up taking your sale. Whether it’s DJ, Nick, Aaron, Colleen, Alyssa, Doctor Jay, or ANY of the others that take of you; you’re in great hands! P.S. sorry I didn’t mention the names of all the workers! I love you all!
a month ago
My first time there, there's a wee line, but not bad at all... The security was nice and friendly. The staff was really nice, bc my card scanned as someone else, but obviously my picture is on it, and she fixed it quickly. Then Bryant, ah, what an amazing help he was to me. Second time there, the staff is always friendly and smiling. I mean from security, to check in, to bud tenders, all nice. No complaints from me. ??
2 months ago
It was originally wonderful, always had plenty of choices. Now they never have anything! NEVER use debit there. They do not tell you it's a $3.00 surcharge, and more than likely your bank will charge you another $2 for a foreign fee. It would have been nice if they told you there is a charge. The only thing that sucks is as soon as something new actually comes to the menu it's gone before you can even get in your car to drive there. They definitely need to start getting more quantity. It would be nice if they thought about doing online ordering as some other dispensaries do, this way people can get what they need/want. Many customers would be happy ??
3 months ago

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