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When Beyond/Hello first opened I had an amazing experience and no problems. Months later and the flower shortage has seemed to really change them for the worst. They actually don't update the menu when they sell out for the day, probably just to get you in the store. I know this for a fact because I've called and been told they're sold out of everything I want and will still have it on their menu till the end of the day. They also continue to open more and more dispensaries while knowing it's only thinning the already short stock of dry flower. Soon I suspect they really won't be able to keep up with all the other dispensaries but also their own dispensaries spread throughout the PA area. Much of their sales and events have mostly disappeared other than the occasional raffle or deals on items that are either overpriced or unwanted. I've also been given 2 wrong products over time and some capsules that we're busted open and leaking before I even popped the seal. At this point most of the dispensaries aren't run like dispensaries. It doesn't feel like medicine when we have to wait outside in the cold at opening only to get inside to hear the product we've wanted is sold out. Imagine showing up at the pharmacist and asking for your pills and them just telling you they sold it to all the other people already and to come back next week.
in the last week
Hello, My experiences at Beyond Hello Bristol has been wonderful. The staff is friendly and attentive. The selection of products is vast and affordable. I look forward to my next visit soon. Thank you to all staff members ! Steven Sean Ola
2 weeks ago
I really recommend checking this dispensary out. I went here for the first time and was surprised how quickly I was seen by the staff, no waiting. When you walk in, the display cases are beautifully set up with plenty of variety. The staff was kind, friendly and knowledgeable about all my questions. I am very pleased with the services and product they offer. I’m glad I found this location!
3 weeks ago
I have never waited long at this dispensary. They work fast to get the patients through the system. They are always super friendly and helpful. I look at all labels first and the physical layout is not very conducive to running back and forth for product but they get it done. Very appreciative of their efforts to offer promotions to help increase product affordability
3 weeks ago
My wife and i love hello/beyond. They changed my frustrated attitude towards the dispensary we usually go to, into such a good mood once i walked in there. The staff is amazing, and they're menu selection is nice too. I highly recommend.
a month ago

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