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Place used to always have stuff and now they struggle to keep up with the demand. I never order online cause I have heard orders get sold to the wrong people. Rewards program is good but rarely any flower or concentrates to put towards as of late. But even when other places sell out of flower, their concentrates are stocked but not Neshaminy as of late. Krewstown is better as of right now. So i hope Neshaminy would go back to how it was cause i like the location and staff. I hate having to drive far away when the place near me should be able to accomodate the my needs. Also, 70 an 1/8 is highway robbery guys.
in the last week
— It wouldn’t hurt to be kind — In my experience, it has been horrible service, no structure. No care for comforting patients. No knowledge of different forms of concentrates, or how cannabis is cultivated. Zero strain knowledge. Barely meeting people half way. The only reason it may be worth it, is for the rewards deal, but it’s only a matter of time other dispensaries include rewards for guests. For example, when asking about the Mazar x Rhino strain, I wanted to know if it was actually live sauce, not distillate, I was hung up on because they didn’t know, and couldn’t answer, it’s not ridiculous to want to know you’re getting your moneys worth for your product/medicine. (Still don’t believe it tastes or looks like live sauce) For a weed stop, I felt pretty uncomfortable. On a positive note there are a couple tenders that do try to accommodate, but lots of avoiding patients. It shouldn’t matter online order or not, don’t let a non-online order patient feel like an outcast. Also, the wait time is general. Might still stop in for deals, but only sticking to cresco products and standard farms. Period. I don’t quite trust, or even prefer the taste of any other producer. Not the best store.
3 months ago
How come the owner replies only to good reviews but doesn't address any issues for those who had negative experiences at his dispensary? A way to improve & grow your business is to improve customer service. Even the good reviews stated your employees need more training. That means it really is an isduw.
2 weeks ago
I just want to say how grateful I am to the staff at liberty. I only started coming to this dispensary a month ago. But I found it to be the best dispensary in the area. Had an issue they were able to handle it and all the staff is always willing to help. Great experience great products great customer service. ??????????
a month ago
They’re always courteous whenever I come and SUPER accommodating. They have now become my main dispensary. I used to go to one across from sugar house but it was always a headache finding parking. I initially chose them for location, but Liberty definitely makes the little extra mileage worth the drive.
4 months ago

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