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Our mission is to create a flourishing, multi faceted family business in the newly emerging Cannabis Industry by producing an exemplary product and providing a unique client experience, as well as continuing to advocate for the Cannabis industry.


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Awesome experience every time. Prices & variety are exceptional & the staff are highly knowledgeable & always friendly!
So helpful! Thanks CHRIS with all your knowledge! So easy to be a medical patient, he goes out of his way to make your experience easy and painless. The products u sell are BAR -NONE! TOP SHELF, can't find products this good anywhere on the SOUTH COAST of Oregon! PRE-ROLLED THE BEST!!! GOOD STRONG PRODUCTS! So worth it! The cruise is worth the 50 mile round-trip.
Very knowledgeable they always seem to care about you and what you are interested in. Always a pleasure meeting them. Only place I will go to.
I have been going here since they've opened. I have nothing but the best experience each and every time. Love all the people who work there. They do their very best to always give you what you need or want. So far they have the best quality of bud in Florence
An authoritative-looking man at the front desk told me they do not allow dogs of any kind. Absolutely no dogs. Because "dog hair could get into the weed and ruin $10,000 jars of product." Not even service dogs, apparently. Inconsiderate and self-centered. It's obvious they don't actually care about their customers, but more about money. Eventually, after pressing about my service dog, the man apologized and said he didn't know it was a service dog. But this is after he told me "no dogs of any kind allowed at all." Feels like he is just trying not to get sued for his obviously illegal actions. Beyond the dog thing, the 1gram I bought was alright, but I found a couple seeds in it (Chernobyl strain, if you are curious). Not sure if it was worth the $15. I would not return. Only reason I gave this review more than one star is because the girl who helped me out was really sweet. Thanks for making my experience just a little better, Dispensary Girl Who Likes Animals.