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Our mission is to create a flourishing, multi faceted family business in the newly emerging Cannabis Industry by producing an exemplary product and providing a unique client experience, as well as continuing to advocate for the Cannabis industry.


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Other Reviews

Folks here know how to take care of you. They know there stuff and can also teach ya something.
Super friendly staff! Was passing through and chose this spot thanks to the reviews. Everyone was helpful and knowledgable. I got a pre roll that lasted through the weekend! 10% daily discount and they have two ramps - very accessible! ?
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff- were very patient and informative about answering all of my questions and assisting me in finding the perfect products for my needs. Will definitely come back.
My driverless car got stoned and dropped me off at pizza hut in cuba.
Very helpful and informative. When I first got there both the gentlemen working were helping groups of customers and explaining differences and effects of products. Differences between flowers, oils and more as well as different strain. They were very informative. Both gentlemen ended up helping me as well. They knew their products and very nice and enjoyable to chat with.