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Revolutionary Clinics prides themselves on serving patients with a revolutionary approach to Medical Marijuana - from their knowledge and expertise to their product quality and innovation.

Their first location is in Somerville MA...and they have FREE PARKING!

Revolutionary Clinics’ mission is to change the world of alternative medical care. Their dispensary team challenges the status quo and serves suffering patients in Somerville and beyond with medicinal cannabis.


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Last updated on Tuesday, January 22, 2019


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Other Reviews

The menu reflected on the website did not reflect the menu in-store. There was only 1 strain that I could buy an 8th of an oz of, and everything else was sold in .25 or 1g pre rolls. I find that their menu was confusing in terms of quantity allowed, and after testing the product it was inferior to other dispensaries in the area (NETA in particular). The staff was great! Super friendly and helpful, hopefully the product line can reflect the beautiful service and facilities.
2 weeks ago
Good dispensary but long wait times. If you’re a patient person + don’t mind waiting, def check it out. If you’re not, there’s lots of other options to get your cannabis in the area. Their staff is friendly. Do note, Fresh Pond location (Cambridge) closes at 7P, while the other two locations close at 8P.
3 weeks ago
Great product and good prices! My only complaint is that they sometimes have a limited variety. There is absolutely nothing on their website to indicate non-medical sales and common knowledge that at this point there are only 2 recreational dispensary’s in the state. I’m not sure how it’s their fault people came there for no apparent reason.
a month ago

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