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Sira Naturals is a Registered Marijuana Dispensary located in Needham, MA serving registered patients from across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

Our Mission 

To provide premium cannabis, sustainably grown and sold with integrity. We accomplish this mission through dedication to high-quality production standards, compassion and service to our patients, and a strong orientation toward community development. We consider it a privilege to serve our patients and communities. We strive to provide leadership in the industry regarding regulatory compliance, and aspire to the highest possible standards in all aspects of our operations.

Our Products:

At Sira Naturals we offer flower in 3.5g 1/8ths and 1g pre-rolls. Browse our wide selection of concentrates from our signature Terp Cartridges to waxes, shatters and more. Plus, we’ve partnered with Zoots, a national leader in the edible space, to provide patients with a line of precision-dosed edibles, produced and packaged in-house. We also offer our own line of delectable edibles including brownies and Micro and Macro-Dose Caramels. Check back often as we continue to grow and add new items! 

Service Locations: 

Sira Naturals is open to all patients from every city and town in Massachusetts, including but not limited to Cambridge, Boston, Prospect Hill, Somerville, Davis Square, Assembly Square, Allston, Brighton, Belmont, Back Bay, Mission Hill, Brookline, Chelsea, Everett, Arlington and Watertown, and more. 

Location Information:

Directly across from “You-do-it” Electronics. Exit 19B from Route I-95 towards Highland Avenue. On-site parking available!


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Last updated on Tuesday, July 16, 2019


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Other Reviews

I love this dispensary and the selection of cannabis, especially the selection of CBD products. My only knock is that the new biodegradable packaging containers are speeding up the degradation of the buds. When I was purchasing the old packages, the vacuum sealed bags, I couldn't believe how fresh and sticky the flowers felt even months past packaging. Now, I pull out pretty dried up buds. Kinda disappointed because I want to love anything more earthly friendly, but at what cost?!? It's drying it up.
a week ago
The best smoke I have had yet
2 weeks ago
I have been to this dispensary many times and usually have good service. However, my experience there tonight was unsatisfactory to say the least. The employee assisting me was rude, inattentive, and extremely unprofessional. I asked him questions about the products and instead of taking the time to answer me, he told me to just look at the menu. He was condescending when I asked for a strain of flower I had purchased the last 4 times I was there. He said that it had been a very long time since they last had it. Like, okay dude, all you had to say is sorry we don't have that right now. He had the same reply to another question I had about a product I had previously bought. Then he took my order wrong, and unfortunately, I didn't notice until I was already home. Very frustrating. The icing on the cake was that he was whistling one off key note over and over very loudly the entire time I was there. I have no idea how his coworkers put up with that ungodly sound all day or why on earth he was whistling like that. I was only there briefly and it was beyond annoying. Very odd and unprofessional.
a month ago
Great place for concentrates! Very competitive prices and they also have deals you can take advantage of
4 weeks ago
Great location! Right next to You-Do-It Electronics. Amazingly helpful staff with dedicated time and effort for making sure you get the right strain. Very nice. Very high quality. Lots if extras.
6 months ago

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