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Located in scenic Bridgewater, right off Route 24, Theory Wellness welcomes patients to Massachusetts' newest dispensary. Committed to expanding wellbeing through cannabis, Theory is focused on small batches and unique genetics, striving to develop and provide the most effective and diverse range of strains and products for patients in Massachusetts.


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Last updated on Thursday, May 2, 2019


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Other Reviews

Nice environment, knowledgeable polite staff, good product, fair pricing. But Elm Street certainly puts the pot in potholes! Treacherous driving in but nice once you get there.
in the last week
This used to be my main go to dispensary. Until I found out they were using dyes in their edibles. People are treating cancer and other diseases and yet they put in carcinogens in the Edibles? Makes no sense to me whatsoever. They can simply use fruit! Thankfully so many more places are now available. Staff is nice though.
3 weeks ago
I've been going to Theory for almost a year and this place is my go to dispensary The location is pretty easy and convenient to get to and there is always tons of parking. Every staff member I've encountered has been so friendly, and knowledge. They are willing to answer your questions not matter how big or small, and offer suggestions. They usually have a good selection and their stuff never disappoints it's always solid!
a month ago
Written: March 29, 2019 I've been coming here for four months now. I've tried about 4 other dispensaries and this is hands down the easiest to get to and least sketchy dispensary I've been to. When you first arrive there is plenty of parking and an easily identifiable front door. Have your IDs ready because you need to present them to a camera to be buzzed in (Don't forget to hit the button bellow the camera). This process may seem weird at first but after that you're golden. The selection is pretty light compared to other places, and some of the products are sourced from other dispensaries. They have certainly grown in the last four months I've been going but it is something to be aware of. They post the menu online WITH prices in PDF format which is nice to see before making the drive. They have a rotating weekly deal that is advertised in every menu they put out. On top of all that, they recently installed a new "point" system that works like any other "frequent customer" program. The staff have ALWAYS been willing to answer my questions (And I always seem to have new ones). As far as I know, this store does not do delivery or reserve ahead. Bottom line: If you are looking for a relaxed place to get your medicine and ask questions, check the menu before making the trip. Otherwise this is currently my go-to store and I only go to other dispensaries if I am looking for something specific that Theory does not have.
a month ago
Update: Better service since I posted this review plus some nice deals! A nice, clean dispensary with pretty high prices but friendly and knowledgeable staff. Reason I give it two stars is that the customer service gets pretty atrocious when there's more than a couple people and a line is building up. If you're waiting in line, the cashiers will often give absolutely no indication they are aware anyone is waiting, and are happy to just chat and shoot the breeze with their customers for 10 minutes or more. It's one thing to be helpful and communicative, but not even taking time to acknowledge customers in line while you have a chat is not professional. EDIT: If the conversations I heard going on while I waited in line were related to the product or medical usage, it would be different. But when I hear instead conversations about weekend plans for five plus minutes while people are waiting, I don't appreciate that.
a month ago

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