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Everyone here is so friendly! Good selections and very knowledgeable staff.
4 months ago
Have been using them since their"Soft" opening. Great staff, location, just need to up the inventory levels , or develop a min max ordering system, thanks for the "Wisdom"discount and the Loyalty program.
5 months ago
I just had my first time experience at Mana and it was HORRIBLE which makes me sad because i thought it would become my go-to place.. But anyway i get called in the back and was able to go back with my fiance so we could pick our flower/concentrate out together..First we go to Flower we pick out 4 8ths since the deal was BOGO 50% which the guy who helped me (Bryan) was not really into helping me I had to ask him to look at and smell all the Flower he didnt offer not once. Then we say were going to go look at the concentrates, we head over to that case (Bryan) guy helping goes back to register and starts ringing up my flower as im still looking at tge concentrates and he never walked over to the case one time to help me.. I was interested in the deal they had for concentrates which was 2 for 90$ we asked him what brands were in the deal he said Gleaf, Strane and Culta he walks in the back again and i just by commin sense ask the lady that was there if the deal on concentrates excludes diamonds and she said yes you cant get diamonds on that deal so i pick out my 4 Concentrates he rings me up my total comes to 469$.. on the way home im thinking and im like man thats alot if money did he over charge me so i look at receipt and see i paid full price for all the concentrates so my fiance calls because by this point im upset and not ever even wanted to go back to a dispensary and Bryan who helped us gets on the phone and says that he didnt know we were looking for the 2 for 90$ deal in concentrates which is b.s because i said it atleast 5 times i even asked him what brands were included on the deal and i even got 4 of them to make it even (which i had to tell him the flavors i wanted 3 different times)... then he says that the lady had misinformed me on what was excluded from the 2 for 90$ deal while he was in the back.. which i feel like i should be honored that price because i was misinformed.. and if someone was to watch the video of him helping us they would see he didnt ever come around to help us i had to yell questions across the room, it was just bad service. For someone purchasing something i like the seller should try to actually sell me the product and try to push the deals in me.. Then to top it all off i get home pull out my stuff and see that he gave me the Eastern Shore Diaminds instead of the Eastern Shore Badder which really blew my mind.. I am just so upset and discouraged and not wanting to even go back in a dispensary with this being my first expirence ever
5 months ago
Everyone is very pleasant and helpful. They went out of their way to make us feel comfortable at our first visit and have treated us as family ever since.
7 months ago
The staff are so friendly, helpful and really know their stuff. The location is great. I can't wait for the opening of the drive-thru! Keep up the good work!
11 months ago

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