Can I sell my medical marijuana?

No, qualifying patients are not allowed to purchase, sell, donate or share their medical marijuana. All medical marijuana must be bought from a licensed dispensary.

Can I consume medical marijuana in public in Illinois?

No, it is illegal to consume marijuana in public or indoors at a public venue. Additionally, it is not recommended to be publicly intoxicated either.

Can I buy medical cannabis for a friend in Illinois?

No you may not. Medical cannabis may only be purchased and consumed by qualifying patients. Any non-patient who consumes cannabis is in direct violation of the law and is subject to punishment.

Will insurance cover my medical marijuana in Illinois?

Unfortunately, no it will not. At this time, medical providers are not offering coverage for medical marijuana patients.

Where can I consume cannabis in Illinois?

Cannabis may only be consumed in a private residence that is not accessible to the public.

Where can I purchase marijuana in Illinois?

Medical marijuana may only be purchased at state-licensed dispensing facilities.

Is marijuana legal in Illinois?

Recreational marijuana remains illegal in Illinois, however, medical marijuana has been legal in the state since 2014.

Can I grow my own marijuana in Illinois?

No. Only licensed facilities are able to cultivate and harvest marijuana for medical purposes. Any patient or caregiver caught growing cannabis may face steep penalties.

Can I share my medical cannabis?

No you may not. Medical cannabis is for qualifying patients only and may only be consumed by the patient it is recommended to. Sharing marijuana with a non-patient is a punishable offense.

How do I get my medical marijuana card in Illinois?

Individuals with qualifying conditions may seek to obtain a medical marijuana card by registering with the Department of Public Health. If deemed a qualifying patient, you will receive a registry identification card to allow you to purchase medical cannabis.

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